Yule Prog 2008: MC Battle & Show

Once again Uncommun Music & Backwoodz Studioz are proud to bring you Yule Prog 2008: The 2nd Annual NYC X-Mas Progressive Hip-Hop Fest.

This year in addition we are hosting the first ever Yule Prog MC Battle @ Public Assembly, the day before the main event @ Southpaw. The winner get’s to perform a set at the Southpaw show, a digital single release through Uncommon Music and $100 CASH! If you want to sign up, go to uncommonmusic.net NOW to register. Hurry as slots are filling up. The battle will be hosted by NASA of Uncommon & billy woods of Backwoodz, judged by Masai Bey &  and will feature performances by Masai Bey & The Presence.

The following we need we have a big show lined up to end the year with a bang. To headline we have Vast Aire & Despot backed up by a solid crowd of NYC veterans including Homeboy Sandman, Super Chron Flight Brothers, Zesto, HiCoup, 11:00A.M. & W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S. So make sure you come through as it will be an event you won’t want to miss.

Yule Prog 2008 Flyer


2008 was a big year for Backwoodz Studioz but we aren’t resting on our laurels, ’09 is going to be even more grilchy©MarQ Spekt. Here is your first taste of Guilty Party from MarQ Spekt & producer Lex Boogie from Da Bronx. Artwork now, music soon…

Marq Spekt's Guilty Party

smoke em if you got em friends, smoke em if you got em.

Indonesia- Two If By Land, Four If By Sea

The Flight Brothers may have been quiet since Emergency Powers and it’s companion disc Tour Support dropped in early 2007 but Priviledge and the venerable Mr. woods have been hard at work. That work will pay off with two new releases in 2009, starting with Indonesia and following up with Cape Verde. Indonesia will be a FREE DOWNLOAD but will also be available as a limited edition vinyl LP  for all you luddites out there who are still willing to pay us for our artistic efforts [we love you!]. Expect it to drop inn January.

Production on Indonesia is handled primarily by DJ Marmaduke [Megagraphitti, Terror Firma, The Chalice] with assistance from longtime Backwoodz producer DR MONOKROME. Add to that beats from Nasa [Uncommon Music] and electro-dub impressario Teleseen and you’ve got an interesting soundscape for the Brothers to fly over.

SCFB Indonesia Preview

As for Cape Verde…well, one thing at a time…


Megagraphitti is an album that Vordul has been working on in one form or another for much of his career. The path that has brought it to light has been as dark, difficult and full of danger as the one he has walked through the heart of the Rotten Apple for his whole life. The songs spell out a journey from youthful optimism to hardened veteran and back out the other side, a tale of survival, struggle and redemption.

  • 1. Stay Conscious (produced by Zach One)
  • 2. AK-47 f/ Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) (produced by Opto)
  • 3. Opium Scripts f/ billy woods (produced by Bond)
  • 4. Hattori Hanzo (produced y DJ Marmaduke)
  • 5. Air Battery f/ Tommy Gunn (Megalon of Monsta Island Czars) & billy woods (produced by Bond)
  • 6. Trigganomics (produced by Bronze Nazareth)
  • 7. Broken Halo f/ Invizzibl Men & Hi-Coup (produced by Lex Boogie from Da Bronx)
  • 8. Light (produced by Bond)
  • 9. In the Mirror f/ Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) (produced by Sid Roams)
  • 10. Beautiful (produced by Armyfatigue)
  • 11. Learn (produced by Ravage)
  • 12. Peanut Butta Up’s (produced by DJ Marmaduke)
  • 13. Keep Living f/ billy woods (produced by El-P)
  • 14. Imani (produced by Essex Dogs)
  • 15. Megagraphitti (produced by Zach-One)

The Unveiling

The covers are have finally come off The Unveiling, the debut LP from MarQ Spekt and Karniege; The Invizzibl Men. The result is a ferociously hard rap record bristling with gunmetal beats and lyrics still dripping spraypaint. Guests on The Unveiling include Vast Aire, Vordul Mega, C-Rayz Walz, Billy Woods and the Broady Champs.

  • 1. Introcutlery (Prod. by Jaz Infinite)
  • 2. Futurama (Prod. by Tef)
  • 3. Zookeeper feat. Vordul Mega (Prod. by Illastrate)
  • 4. HipHopPSA (Prod. by DJ Wreckon)
  • 5. 52 Lashings feat. billy woods (Prod. by Jaz Infinite)
  • 6. Jimmy Swagger (Prod. by Khalid Salaam)
  • 7. T-Rex feat. C-Rayz Walz (Prod. by Illastrate)
  • 8. Darkroom [Red Warfare Sessions] (Prod. by Omega One)
  • 9. Thin Air (Prod. by Illastrate)
  • 10. Mighty Broady feat. Broady Champs, Vast Aire (Prod. by Amdex)
  • 11. Stories of a Ghost (Prod. by Amdex)
  • 12. Neon Mud (Prod. by Tef)
  • 13. Ten Years Later feat. Akil Nuru, Access Immortal (Prod. by Khalid Salaam)

Site Update!

We here at backwoodz really do care about our fans &  are fully aware that our website hasn’t been the most up to date of sites. With that observation comes our goal to change (as that seems to be the hip thing to do these days). We have now updated our website to a CMS so that we can more easily make frequent updates. We will also be including more media content in our posts. So be on the lookout for more updates on the backwoodzstudioz.com v3.0 (for those of you that remember v1) & check out our new spiffy calendar on the right side bar where we swear to promote our events far in advance!


Fresh out the cage is the second single “T-Rex” from the Invizzibl Men. This track features fam C-Rayz Walz and many cameos (Poisen Pen, Lo Deck, L.I.F.E. Long, Access Immortal, Steven Tapia, and Tommy Gunn) . Thanks to Brooklyn Surfer for the gear & Frank’s Chop Shop for the location.

Video Directed by Alex Berman & Anton Schlesinger.
[vimeo width=”495″ height=”279″]http://vimeo.com/1725474[/vimeo]

Yule Prog 2008 Show

Title: Yule Prog 2008
Venue: Southpaw
Address: 70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn NY
Admission: $10 at the door

What: An Annual Holiday Festival Celebrating Progressive Hip-Hop.
with Vast Aire
Homeboy Sandman
Super Chron Flight Brothers
+ Winner of 12/17 Battle @ Public Assembly

Yule Prog 2008 Animated Banner

The First Ever Yule Prog Emcee Battle

Venue: The First Ever Yule Prog Emcee Battle @ PUBLIC ASSEMBLY
Address: 70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn NY
Admission: $7 at the door

Hosted by Nasa (Uncommon) & billy woods (Backwoodz Studioz). Winner gets $100 & the opportunity to perform the following night (12/18) at Yule Prog 2008 @ Southpaw. Featuring Performances by… Masai Bey The Presence

Yule Prog 2008 Animated Banner