Cowardly Threats & Hideous Cruelty

With the release of Billy Woods’ History Will Absolve Me set for winter, we here at Backwoodz Studioz figured this would be the perfect time to drop some new (and old) Woods’ tracks. Being that’s it has been six years since his last solo, we thought you could use a little reminder of why Billy is one of our favorite rappers. A salad bowl of new, unreleased and classic material from Georgia Ave’s favorite son all blended perfectly by Baltimore’s own DJ Addikt (Murrland, stand up!)

Cowardly Threats & Hideous Cruelty

DJ Addikt presents Cowardly Threats & Hideous Cruelty; The Best Of Billy Woods

from one of the following links…

1.    Intro
2.    Slaughterhouse (produced by BOND)
3.    Aurora Borealis (Jamaican Brick Weed mix by BOND)
4.    Chikirubi Remix (produced by BOND)
5.    Family Ties (produced by Willie Green)

6.    Consolation Prize (produced by BOND)
7.    Weighting (produced by Willie Green)
8.    Invasion (featuring Hasan Salaam)  (produced by Marmaduke)
9.    Georgia Ave. (produced by BOND)
10.    Come On & Take It (produced by BOND)
11.    Clockers (produced by BOND)
12.    52 Lashings (produced by Jazz Infinite)
13.    Opium Scripts (featuring Vordul Mega) (produced by BOND)
14.    Imani (featuring Vordul Mega) (Willie Green remix)
15.    African Robotics (A.M. Breakups remix)
16.    La Da (produced by Marmaduke)
17.    Good Times Had By All  (produced by A.M. Breakups)
18.    Rent Control (Bushwick mix) (produced by BOND)
19.    High Treason (produced by Marmaduke)
20.    The Party (produced by Nasa)
21.    Keep Livin’ (featuring Vordul Mega) (produced by EL-P)
22.    Green Goblin (produced by Willie Green)
23.    Stillife (produced by Casino Earl)
24.    Xanax (produced by Marmaduke)
25.    Death From Above (featuring Kong & Spiega) (produced by Essex Dogs)
26.    First Blood (featuring Priviledge) (produced by BOND)
27.    Concussion (produced by BOND)
28.    Gourmet (produced by Two Hook)
29.    Bastards Of The Party (produced by BOND)
30.    The Big East (produced by DR MONOKROME)
31.    Heroin (featuring Thrill Gates Jr.) (produced by DR. MONOKROME)
32.    Gasoline (produced by BOND)
33.    Guns and Pussy Remix (produced by Lex Boogie)
34.    Cyanide (featuring Tommy Gunn) (produced by Essex Dogs)
35.    Martyr Rock Remix (featuring the Presence) (produced by Nasa)
36.    Two Blunts (featuring Goldenchild) (produced by Southpaw)
37.    October (produced by BOND)
38.    Believers (produced by BOND)
39.    Bob Hope (produced by BOND)
40.    White Worst (produced by Teleseen)

If you have never heard of Woods before, this megamix is probably as good an introduction as any. Culled from his early solo work, group tracks [as a member of the Reavers or the other 1/2 of the Super Chron Flight Brothers], guest appearances, limited release remixes and previously unreleased material, even the most hardcore fan will find something new in the mix.

History Will Absolve Me is slated for a winter release, with production by Willie Green, Marmaduke, A.M. Breakups, Nasa and Lex Boogie. A dark departure from his critically-acclaimed work with the now defunct Super Chron Flight Brothers, HWAM is will also be his first album release with a full lyric book, which, for some of us will come in quite handy.

For those of you wondering where BOND is, worry not, he and Billy are in the studio now working on an LP called Oliver Twist. Yeah, we know it’s the same one producer, one emcee record Woods and BOND have been promising since Camouflage but this time it is actually happening.


A nod to Vivaldi’s violin concertos of the same name, Willie Green and Backwoodz Studioz release the first movement of the Four Seasons beat tape series. Spring (Movement 1) is a 20-minute blend of instrumentals inspired by/perfect for the impending warm weather. A departure from the dialogue heavy Dirty Jordans and Of Heroes & Villains…, Spring is strictly beats, a great backdrop for stoop sales, BBQ’s and all the things you can’t wait to do when the weather is right.


Billy Woods – “Good Times Had By All” & “42nd Street”

A.M. Breakups teams up with Billy Woods (Super Chron Flight Brothers) for a brand new single off the upcoming Cowardly Threats & Hideous Cruelty mixtape. “Good Times Had By All” features the Utica producer at his most subdued, a rainy day dreariness that perfectly matches the dark humor of Woods’ bitter verses. The flip side of the track is Breakups’ spectacular remix of the Super Chron Flight Brothers “42nd St.” off the duo’s critically-acclaimed LP, Cape Verde. This is Breakups at his uptempo best, the meticulously layered beat shifting beneath itself but perfectly couching the fast-paced 70’s concept of the original track. The song features the Super Chron Flight Brothers along with Wu-Tang’s Lord Superb (Supreme Clientele), HiCoup and Pastense. For those of you who haven’t checked out this kid’s debut album, The Cant Resurrection, which Backwoodz Studioz dropped last week, hopefully now you have one more good reason to stop sleeping.

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Billy Woods – Good Times Had By All (Single) by backwoodzstudioz

DJ Addikt presents Cowardly Threats and Hideous Cruelty; The Best of Billy Woods  will be released as a free download the second week of April.