NEW billy woods track “Body Of Work” Feat. Masai Bey & Roc Marciano

Backwoodz Studioz is excited to debut the first official single, “Body Of Work,” featuring Masai Bey and Roc Marciano, from History Will Absolve Me, the new album from billy woods.

The track, produced by Willie Green, is one of the earliest that the emcee and beatsmith recorded for the album, and billy woods grew immediately attached to the track upon hearing it live in the studio. “The inspiration for ‘Body Of Work’ comes from chain-gang spirituals,” he explains. “All of the verses concern themselves with work, but also with getting older and trying to sum up one’s life, for better or worse.”

After laying his verse, woods knew he wanted features on the song, but he also know it couldn’t be just anyone, given the weighty retrospective – and introspective – subject matter. “I knew I needed some older cats on it,” notes woods. Each rapper builds on the themes that billy sets forth in the opening verse (“if you are familiar with the land issue in South Africa and Zimbabwe, the content of my verse might be a little clearer,” says woods), and each add their own personal experiences and emotions, bringing the track to life with three unique and insightful perspectives.

billy woods, Willie Green, MarQ Spekt & A.M. Breakups @ SXSW!

Backwoodz artists billy woods, Willie Green, MarQ Spekt & A.M. Breakups will be performing at SXSW on Thursday 3/15 at the Prog Rap Attack with our friends from Isolated Wax. If you are in the area stop by!

Thursday, March 15, from 9pm-3am, tagged “Prog Rap Attack”.

The showcase will be held at Club Pachanga, one of the few premiere Hip Hop clubs located on the Riverside, in the heart of the music capital of the world, on 2120 E Riverside Dr., and will include appearances by some of the most innovative talent in the trade.

Prog Rap Attack will consist of performances by a collective,
comprised of artists associated with a wide range of record labels including:
Mush Records
Hellfyre Club
Project Blowed
M9 Entertainment
Stonesthrow Records
Backwoodz Studioz
Fake Four and more

Confirmed acts on the bill are as follows:

Louis Logic (NYC)
Subtitle (LA)
Megabusive (SJ)
PremRock & Willie Green (NY)
Gel Roc (LA)
Riddlore (AUS, TX)
Open Mike Eagle (LA)
Haez One (SJ)
Elucid (BK)
Billy Woods (BK)
Marq Spekt (ATL)
Sean Blak (SJ)
Tape Mastah Steph (SJ, DTX)
A.M. Breakups (BK)
Anacron (LA)
Benofficial (SJ) |
Special Guest: Warren Britt (NYC)

Admission to the show is FREE. To attend, please RSVP on the event page.

HWAM promo video “Headband”

Here is our first promo video for the album, “Headband” produced by Essex Dogs, chronicles (no pun intended) the layover of a lifetime. “Headband” was actually the first song recorded for History Will Absolve Me but will only be on the limited edition Director’s Cut CD-version of the album, which will also include a full lyric book and a bonus track with Vordul Mega, produced by Lex Boogie from Da Bronx. Shot and edited by billy woods himself, enjoy!