History Will Absolve Me is the long-awaited new solo project from billy woods and the Zimbabwean-Jamaican-by-way-of-Brooklyn rapper does not disappoint. A smoldering riot of bitter invective and daisycutter beats, History Will Absolve Me is a solid hour of hardboiled anti-nostalgia. After spending the last few years as the better half of the Super Chron Flight Brothers, this album marks a clean break from that critically-acclaimed oeuvre. A last will & testament scrawled in the shadow of the gallows, HWAM is steeped in the ethos of “what goes around, comes around”. The album features guest appearances by Roc Marciano, MarQ Spekt, Elucid, Masai Bey and junclassic. Willie Green, A.M. Breakups, Marmaduke, Nasa and Man Mantis handle the beats, providing a backdrop that matches the intensity of woods’ labyrinthine verses. Following on the heels of last years Cowardly Threats & Hideous Cruelty mixtape, HWAM is woods’ second “official” solo album, but with eight years between them, this is less a follow-up to his debut than it is a bare knuckle epilogue.

IN STORES 4/10/12


1 A Mis Enemigos [High tide] (produced by Marmaduke)
2 Crocodile Tears (produced by Willie Green)
3 The Man Who Would Be King (produced by Marmaduke)
4 Ca$h 4 Gold (produced by Marmaduke)
5 Body Of Work ft. Masai Bey & Roc Marciano (produced by Willie Green)
6 The Foreigner (produced by A.M. Breakups)
7 Bill Cosby (produced by Willie Green)
8 Freedman’s Bureau ft. Elucid (produced by Marmaduke)
9 Blue Dream ft. L’Wren (produced by Man Mantis)
10 DMCA (produced by Willie Green)
11 Pompeii (produced by Willie Green)
12 Duck Hunt (produced by A.M. Breakups)
13 Nigerian Email (produced by Marmaduke)
14 Pump Up the Volume ft. L’Wren (produced by Nasa)
15 Famous Last Words ft. junclassic & MarQ Spekt (produced by Willie Green)
16 Sour Grapes ft. Elucid (produced by A.M. Breakups)
17 Human Resources (produced by Willie Green & Dig Dug)
18 The Wake (produced by Willie Green)

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