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We here at backwoodz really do care about our fans &  are fully aware that our website hasn’t been the most up to date of sites. With that observation comes our goal to change (as that seems to be the hip thing to do these days). We have now updated our website to a CMS so that we can more easily make frequent updates. We will also be including more media content in our posts. So be on the lookout for more updates on the v3.0 (for those of you that remember v1) & check out our new spiffy calendar on the right side bar where we swear to promote our events far in advance!


Fresh out the cage is the second single “T-Rex” from the Invizzibl Men. This track features fam C-Rayz Walz and many cameos (Poisen Pen, Lo Deck, L.I.F.E. Long, Access Immortal, Steven Tapia, and Tommy Gunn) . Thanks to Brooklyn Surfer for the gear & Frank’s Chop Shop for the location.

Video Directed by Alex Berman & Anton Schlesinger.
[vimeo width=”495″ height=”279″][/vimeo]

Life’s Ill

It has been almost exactly seven years since Vordul Megallah’s epic opening of what may be this decade’s finest experimental hip-hop record; The Cold Vein. But that was not the beginning; before there was a Definitive Jux there was Atoms Fam, where the quietest member of one of the New York underground’s illest crews was redefining the compound rhyme scheme. However it was only when paired with the mercurial Vast Aire and El-P’s equally revolutionary production that the rest of the world stood up and took notice. It has been four years since Vordul’s first solo, The Revolution of Young Havoks; a critically-acclaimed effort with features from Jean Grae and Masta Killa, Revolution echoed the bleak streets of Harlem and a life far removed from the indie-rap rat race of the time.

Megagraphitti is an album that Vordul has been working on in one form or another for much of his career. The path that has brought it to light has been as dark, difficult and full of danger as the one he has walked through the heart of the Rotten Apple for his whole life. The songs spell out a journey from youthful optimism to hardened veteran and back out the other side, a tale of survival, struggle and redemption. Megagraphitti is an album that Backwoodz and Vordul are proud to finally bring to the light. Guests and collaborators include Vast Aire, El-P, The Invizzibl Men, Joey Chavez, Bond & Tommy Gunn (formerly Megalon) and artwork by the famous Stay High 149. The first single is the title track “Megagraphitti”, which is accompanied by a video that will stir some memories and set the stage for what we think is a very special project. Many thanks to Zach One for his assistance in making this project happen and hooking up the video.


The Unveiling Begins

The covers are finally coming off The Unveiling, the debut LP from MarQ Spekt and Karniege; The Invizzibl Men. The result is a ferociously hard rap record bristling with gunmetal beats and lyrics still dripping spraypaint. The collaboration might be new but the duo has earned their stripes as solo artists; Karniege did a stint on the Definitive Jux roster, dropping the memorable “Make News” 12”, toured the world with Vast Aire several times over and kept his name ringing in the underground by popping up on projects by everyone from DJ Ese to Dub L to The Reavers. MarQ Spekt’s lineage is equally storied if a little grimier; signed to the legendary Subverse records alongside artists like MF DOOM and The Micronauts, prominently featured on all of Bigg Jus of Company Flow’s solo albums, the brain behind the streetwise Broady Champs ‘05 debut…Spekt has already cemented his place in the underground patheon without stepping out of the shadows, until now. Guests on The Unveiling include Vast Aire, Vordul Mega, C-Rayz, Billy Woods and the Broady Champs. The first single is Jimmy Swagger” b/w “T-Rex” featuring C-Rayz Walz, check out the video here. And while you are at it, download the free Invizibl Men mix The Hidden Hand and get familiar before The Unveiling.

Hearts Ov Darkness

The spring release of another duo , Tommy Gunn (formerly known as Megalon) & his blood brother Raylong are The Hearts Ov Darkness. Their album, Tha Nickel Bag is a follow up to Tommy Gunn’s critically-acclaimed LP Penny For Your Thoughts under his Mosta Island Czar moniker. With all production handled by the incomparable X-Ray (Escape from Monsta Island, Theophany, Monsta Mixes 1 & 2) and no guestspots, fans know what they are getting; a visionary street chronicle, audible blood, sweat and tears. And for those about to find out, The Hearts of Darkness is a duo unlike anything you ever heard and Tha Nickel Bag is an unflinching look into both the hope and the terror of street life. Available on Itunes and all other digital retailers Spring ’08, and VERY limited pressings on CD will be available too.


HiCoup is almost finished recording his debut solo LP Guerilla Jones, and a fall/winter date seems like a lock. In the meantime download the ultimate HiCoup mixtape Silverbackcadillacslang and consider it a quick guide to how HiCoup has amassed such a rabid fanbasewithout ever dropping an official release. Simply put, the man has the sort of authority on the mic and electric stage presence that makes for a rare breed of MC. Don’t take our word for it, download and become a believer!

SXSW 2008

Its been a while since our last update, but we have been hard at work, as usual in the backwoodz and we have many updates for you. We will be in Austin for SXSW with a legion of backwoodz artists. So if you happen to be in the vicinity, come through, as backwoodz will be involved with some great shows.

Backwoodz SXSW 2008


Christmas arrives ealry in the the backwoodz, as we are releasing two free full lengths for download this fall. The Hidden Hand, a mix of material & exclusives from the Invizzibl Men and Masters of The Universe, the new mixtape from Keith Masters. Both are guarenteed bangers and we must be stupid for letting you download them for free. Better start transferring those bytes before we change our minds!

Reavers members Akir and Hasan Salaam are going on tour with Redman! Check out the dates at If they come to your town, trust us, this is a show worth checking for.

For those of you who missed Bond’s “Tour Support” mix featuring the Super Chron Flight Brothers, there are still a few copies left but they are going fast. Hit up Bond on his myspace and maybe you can get one before this gem goes out of print.

“Emergency Powers; the world tour” is out NOW! Billy Woods and Priviledge are the Super Chron Flight Brothers and “Emergency Powers” is their debut album. With production by Bond, MF DOOM, Nasa (Def Jux/Uncommon Music), Dr. Monokrome and Goldenchild, as well as guestspots by Cannibal Ox, Trife da God, The Reavers and Marq Spekt, “Emergency Powers” is a future classic. Innovative storytelling, fearless lyricism and dope beats come together in a story of two black men flying high, low and everywhere in between for two years of their lives. Cannabis scented, unapologetically political and darkly humorous, the Super Chron Flight Brothers “Emergency Powers” is available from here.

Check out this interview from Australia’s own

While you are at it, check out Bond’s take on the Flight Brothers with Bond presents Tour Support featuring the Super Chron Flight Brothers. An album of its own, this 32 track magnum opus features Bond working his unique magic and cementing himself as the most underrated producer in the game. A collage of remixes, exclusives, rarities & instrumentals, “Tour Support” is no mere bonus CD. Includes guest shots from Marq Spekt, Megalon of M.I.C., Cannibal Ox, Nasa & The Presence, plus HiCoup and Goldenchild of The Reavers.

Peep the Flight Brothers on WNYU’s “The Halftime Show”. Big up DJ Eclipse!
Halftime Show – Wednesday, April 25th

2007 is a big year for backwoodz studioz with debut albums on deck from
some of the underground hip-hop’s finest. Priviledge and billy
The Super Chron Flight Brothers are dropping April 24, Karniege and Marq
as The Invizibl Men are due later in the year, and that is just the
beginning. Hi-Coup, Keith Masters and Bond are
all hard at work on new projects that we cant wait to let you hear. That’s
where Target Practice comes in, new tracks from Super
, The Invizibl
, Hi-Coup, Keith Masters, Goldenchild, The
, Omega One & Lo-Deck,
DR MONOKROME, Dev1. Megalon & Kong
of Monsta Island Czars
, DJ Gman (Big
Poor Peoples Day), Nasa (Uncommon Music, by the way check out
billy woods on Uncommon’s

Which brings us to “Strike
“, Backwoodz first foray into digital-only music. A
split EP that gives u some exclusive/new/hard to find material from HiCoup and from The
Flight Brothers
. Check out the link and if you hear something
you like, we appreciate the support form all you Bobby Digitals.

go to iTunes.