New Super Chron Flight Brothers track WINGS from upcoming LP INDONESIA!

The Super Chron Flight Brothers are back for the first time since 2007’s dark horse of an LP, Emergency Powers. The album is called Indonesia, and is less a follow-up to their debut than it is a side-project collaboration with Cali-based producer Marmaduke. Indonesia has a release date of 4/20/09 and with that, a first single; “Wings” available for download here:

Wings by Super Chron FLight Brothers

For those not in the know, the entire Indonesia album is going to be available for free digital download. For those of you who are interested in a hard copy, we have a very special treat; An autographed DOUBLE CD version of Indonesia. The first CD will be a high quality version of the album, the second disc is a blend of album instrumentals and remixes by an array of producers including BOND, Willie Green, Nasa (Uncommon Music), Ravage (Monsta Island Czars), Essex Dogs and A.M. Breakups. We should have the double CD’s by the beginning of May, at the latest and we will also make the deluxe version available via iTunes.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the tracklisting:

1. Xanax (produced by  Marmaduke)
2. Broccoli (produced by  Marmaduke)
3. African Robotics (produced by NASA)
4. Occam’s Razor (produced by Marmaduke)
5. The Big East (produced by DR MONOKROME)
6  Florida Ki’s (produced by Marmaduke)
7. News & Notes (produced by DR MONOKROME)
8. La Da (produced by Marmaduke)
9. Wings (produced by Marmaduke)
10. Once Were Kings (produced by DR MONOKROME)
11. Gatwick (produced by Marmaduke)
12. John McCain (produced by Marmaduke)
13. Reconstruction (produced by ESexxdogs & Neil Spies)
14. SubPop (produced by DR MONOKROME)
15. Sendero Luminoso (produced by Marmaduke)
16. The Constant Gardeners (produced by Teleseen)
17. Open Doors (produced by Marmaduke)