Armand Hammer – RACE MUSIC – CD

Armand Hammer billy woods CD Elucid Race Music


ARTIST: Armand Hammer
ALBUM: Race Music
FORMAT: CD (signed)
NOTES: This is the Armand Hammer RACE MUSIC CD. The CD booklet (10p full color) is signed by billy woods & Elucid. Signed booklet only available from

Price: $15.00




1. Hatchet Job
2. Black Ark
3. Shark Fin Soup (
4. Sunni’s Blues
5. Frog and Toad are Friends
6. Willie Bosket
7. No Roses
8. Duppy
9. Hand Over Fist feat. Creature
10. Where The Wild Things Are
11. Renaissance Garments
12. Cloisters
13. New Museum feat. Busdriver & Open Mike Eagle
14. The Rent Is Too Damn High feat. L’Wren
15. Kanun
16. Nosferatu
17. White Lies