Law & Order front

It’s been a long year, and Uncommon Records and Backwoodz Studioz are ending it with a bang. Law & Order pits Backwoodz in-house producer Willie Green (Super Chron Flight Brothers, Cannibal Ox, Reks) against Uncommon capo Nasa aka Adam Warlock (owner Uncommon Records) in an all-out producer battle for indie rap supremacy. Law & Order features exclusives, remixes, and instrumentals as two of underground hip-hop’s best producers clash for bragging rights.

1. Flashback (Nasa Remix)- Del the Funky Homosapien & Tame One
2. Ain’t Got Much Time- HiCoup
3. Somehow, Someway (Nasa Remix) – Organized Konfusion
4. The World Piece- Zesto
5. Pyro- Vast Aire (From the vaults of Young Warlock)
6. Hermit Kingdom (Willie Green Remix) – The Presence
7. Flower Children- Nasa aka Adam Warlock
8. Pardon Me- Warren Britt
9. Rocket Science- Isaiah Toothtaker & Nasa aka Adam Warlock
10. Writer’s Block- Teddy Faley
11. Voice Within A Candle (Inst.)- Nasa aka Adam Warlock
12. The Terror- MC K-Swift
13. Tetris- The Presence & K-the-I???
14. The Ballad of Jesse L. Martin (Inst.)- Willie Green

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Odd Numbered Tracks Produced and Mixed by Nasa
Even Numbered Tracks Produced and Mixed by Willie Green

Law & Order back

Yule Prog 2008 Show

Title: Yule Prog 2008
Venue: Southpaw
Address: 70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn NY
Admission: $10 at the door

What: An Annual Holiday Festival Celebrating Progressive Hip-Hop.
with Vast Aire
Homeboy Sandman
Super Chron Flight Brothers
+ Winner of 12/17 Battle @ Public Assembly

Yule Prog 2008 Animated Banner

Terror Firma

Perhaps not since the emergence of the Wu-Tang Clan has there been a hip-hop group of this magnitude. The Reavers are a supergroup like no other, eleven amazing MC’s, weilding a dizzying array of styles. Eleven strugglers brought to together by backwoodz studioz to march on the fortresses of the status quo. Eleven child soliders charging into the void, with nothing but a burning blunt to light the way. Kings, beggars, thugs, prophets, heathens, philosophers, drunks, healers, killers and poets are all among the Reavers ranks. And TERROR FIRMA is where we live.

  • 1. America
  • 2. Web
  • 3. Dusted
  • 4. Slums
  • 5. Bodybuilding
  • 6. Pirate
  • 7. Beast
  • 8. Invasion
  • 9. Penmanship
  • 10. Napalm
  • 11. Empire
  • 12. Melody
  • 13. Arcade
  • 14. Nature
  • 15. Warrior
  • 16. Genocide
  • 17. Scoundrels
  • 18. Skirmish
  • 19. Shadows
  • 20. Hochiminh