Henry Canyons – Cool Side Of The Pillow – OUT NOW!

Backwoodz Studioz is excited to release our first album with long time Backwoodz collaborator, Henry Canyons.

Backwoodz Studioz is proud to release Henry Canyons‘ first full-length LP exclusively under the Backwoodz umbrella. Released on April 13, The Cool Side of the Pillow is entirely produced by Henry’s longtime collaborator, Bones, with guest features from billy woods and Homeboy Sandman. It’s a project that finds Henry putting his effortless flows to the test over Bones’ rangy production, flipping new styles with every change up and beat switch.

This album is tailor-made for vinyl, where each side of the proverbial pillow has it’s own distinct vibe…



  1.  Poison Into Medicine Intro
  2.  The Cool Side (feat. Zoe Rose Palladino)
  3.  I’m On It
  4.  Wanna Be Myself (Interlude)
  5.  Goodnight Moon
  6.  Easy Come, Easy Go
  7.  Special Blend (feat. Homeboy Sandman & Zoe Rose Palladino)



  1. It Don’t Mean A Thing (feat. billy woods)
  2. Quiet Tongues
  3. Not Today
  4. Innate Communication (feat. Googie)
  5. To The Dreamers

The album artwork is by Quetzilla who creates a nice vibe for Cool Side, with art that blends nicely with the blue marbled vinyl: clean, laid back, suggestive and clear at the same time. The limited edition vinyl features a custom blue marble colored vinyl in a a 12″ jacket with artwork. Also available are 50 album collector t-shirts! Available now directly from Backwoodz! Traffic Distribution can be contacted for wholesale inquiries.

Please be aware that we are pressing only 300 limited-edition copies of this release. Henry’s only previous short run vinyl for Canyonland [Jakarta] sold out very quickly, so keep that in mind with these pre-orders.

Yule Prog 2008: MC Battle & Show

Once again Uncommun Music & Backwoodz Studioz are proud to bring you Yule Prog 2008: The 2nd Annual NYC X-Mas Progressive Hip-Hop Fest.

This year in addition we are hosting the first ever Yule Prog MC Battle @ Public Assembly, the day before the main event @ Southpaw. The winner get’s to perform a set at the Southpaw show, a digital single release through Uncommon Music and $100 CASH! If you want to sign up, go to uncommonmusic.net NOW to register. Hurry as slots are filling up. The battle will be hosted by NASA of Uncommon & billy woods of Backwoodz, judged by Masai Bey &  and will feature performances by Masai Bey & The Presence.

The following we need we have a big show lined up to end the year with a bang. To headline we have Vast Aire & Despot backed up by a solid crowd of NYC veterans including Homeboy Sandman, Super Chron Flight Brothers, Zesto, HiCoup, 11:00A.M. & W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S. So make sure you come through as it will be an event you won’t want to miss.

Yule Prog 2008 Flyer

Yule Prog 2008 Show

Title: Yule Prog 2008
Venue: Southpaw
Address: 70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn NY
Admission: $10 at the door

What: An Annual Holiday Festival Celebrating Progressive Hip-Hop.
with Vast Aire
Homeboy Sandman
Super Chron Flight Brothers
+ Winner of 12/17 Battle @ Public Assembly

Yule Prog 2008 Animated Banner