The 10th & Final YULE PROG Coming Up on December 15th!

Coming up on Thursday Decemebr 15 at DROM, Backwoodz Studioz is excited to be part of the 10th and Final Yule Prog / Progressive Hip-Hop Festival. The amazing lineup includes Denmark Vessey, Elucid, billy woods, Willie Green, Uncommon Nasa, Official MarQ Spekt, The Karma Kids, Sketch185, deem spencer, Taiyamo Denku w Shortrock & The Mighty Dj Mo Niklz!! Make plans to be here as you won’t want to miss the the 10th & LAST Yule Prog!!



New billy woods Remixes

Remixes from Dour Candy & History Will Absolve Me

It’s been a month since Dour Candy dropped and a year and some change since History Will Absolve Me, so it seems as good a time as any to thank our fans with some free music. Today’s digital 12″ comes in the form of two remixes, one from each album, both featuring friends old and new. Enjoy!

MarQ Spekt presents… Bloodlust Vol. 2

Bloodlust 2 is the definitive MarQ Spekt record. A step above everything released thus far. This project features the reclusive veteran rhyming along side some of  his generations finest MC’s including Karniege, Messiah, Vordul Mega, Sean Price, J-Live, Stahhr the Empress, Thirstin Howl 3rd, Broady Champs, C-Rayz Walz, John Robinson, Skit Slam, Dynas and more.

Those who have followed the “Broady Champ” since the late 90’s and kept your eyes to the ground during Spekt’s J.D. Salinger-esque hiatus from the game, finally have what they have been waiting for. Bloodlust 2 is a labor of love and the first album to hand anyone who wants to know what he MarQ Spekt is about.  Barbwire rhymes, scrunch your face up verses, the “grilchiness” that you’ve been missing.

Bloodlust Vol. 2

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MarQ Spekt – Bloodlust Vol 2 LEAK

This project according to Spekt is the definitive project from him. A step above everything released thus far and boasts strong collabo’s and features. Rhyming along side some of the Undergrounds finest MC’s including Karniege, Messiah, Vordul Mega, Sean Price, J-Live, Stahhr the Empress, Thirstin Howl 3rd, Broady Champs, C-Rayz Walz, John Robinson, Skit Slam, Dynas and others.

Bloodlust Vol2 Leak

1. Prelude
2. Introductory fees
3. Guttersnipin’2 -ft.LexBoogiefromtheBX,Akil Nuru
4. Broken Halo-ft.HiCoup,Karniege,Vordul Mega
5. the Corner-freestyle
6. Murder Illastrated-ft Dynas
7. the LightShow1
8. This is HipHop-ft Messiah,LexBoogiefromtheBX
9. Lexilla-ft.Stahhr the Empress,J-Live,Ozy Reigns,Huey P Capone
10. 151 Banger Illastrate remix-ft. Broady Champs
11. The Ogeez-ft.LexBoogiefromtheBX,Akil Nuru
12. Kill that efffa@#@# freestyle
13. Metal Face Rucker Park shit
14. Conflict at the Embassy-ft LexBoogiefromtheBX
15. T.O.P ft-Huey P Capone aka Nyce
16. LightShow2-ft.Messiah
17. Dream_Rough
18. Thin Air-ft Karniege
19. the Hoook snippet-ft CrayzWalz,ThirstinHowlII,SeanPrice
20. Summer of 99′-ft ID4Windz,SkitSlam,John Robinson aka Lil’ Sci
21. True HipHop Stories

Murder Illastrated-ft Dynas

MarQ Spekt: Murder Illastrated-ft Dynas by backwoodzstudioz

The Ogeez-ft.LexBoogiefromtheBX,Akil Nuru

MarQ Spekt: The Ogeez-ft.LexBoogiefromtheBX,Akil Nuru by backwoodzstudioz

download zip of both tracks


Guilty Party Free Download

For the past decade MarQ Spekt has been underground hip-hop’s Bobby Fischer. Popping up on tracks and ripping them to shreds before melting back into the night. Half-myth, half-legend, Spekt has somehow been a part of every significant movement in the east-coast underground for ten years, without ever fully emerging from the shadows. Originally signed to Subverse with MF DOOM and The Micronauts, his 2001 Liquid Smoke b/w Shoplifter 12″ is an Ebay classic. Add to that his blazing cameos on Big Jus’ [Company Flow] albums, the Broady Champs group album that dropped on Day by Day Entertainment at the height of their success, and his never-officially-released Pretty Weapons solo album, and you have the makings of an underground legend. In 2008, Spekt stepped out of the shadows and teamed up with prolific NYC fixture, Karniege, as the Invizzibl Men. The result was a futuristic banger of an album, The Unveiling, that sported guest spots from Cannibal OX, C-Rayz Walz and Billy Woods, amongst others.

Now Backwoodz Studioz is proud to present Guilty Party, a brand new collaborative project with MarQ Spekt and producer Lex Boogie From the Bronx. One producer, one MC; Guilty Party is a stylistic return to the gritty mid-nineties basement sessions that Spekt hones his craft in. It’s a return to lo-fi, extra filthy samples and hard-as-granite lyrics. Spekt is an Mc’s MC, but on this project he expanded his palette by co-producing beats with Lex Boogie as the two came to boil down the essence that is Spekt.

MarQ put it best saying “This free album is a dedication to raw hip-hop coming from the heart. No million dollar studio tricks or Autotune, or even big name collaborations. This is just sky diving with the pen.”

2. Guilt Scott
3. The Shine
4. BangLadesh
6. Dusk feat. H-PONE aka NYCE aka Black Assailant
7.  Homicide Written feat. Akil Nuru & Karniege
9. Jetlag
10. Guttersnipin feat. Lex Boogie
12. Dissident Factions
13. Unborn feat. QUDRAT (Messiah and PointGod)
15. DIRTYDRUMS BURTHDAY PARTYU feat. Buddy Leroy & OzyReigns
16. Black Soul
17. out

(for free!)

Marq Spekt – Jet Lag live clip & free download

MarQ Spekt’s Guilty Party LP is all set to drop, but first we give you; “Jetlag“, the first single! Like the rest of the album, “Jetlag” is produced by the incomparable Lex Boogie from da Bronx.

Check out this clip from Spekt performing Jet Lag live this past weekend in Atlanta…


(free mp3)

Backwoodz Studioz is proud to release Guilty Party, the next project from Spekt since him & Karniege teamed up as the Invizzibl Men & delivered The Unveiling. Guilty Party will be available for free download VERY SOON, so stay tuned for the release date. And if you haven’t heard it yet, by all means check out the Invizzibl Men’s debut album, The Unveiling. Praised by Urb Magazine, The Run-Off Groove, COOL’EH Magazine and TSS, The Unveiling, was undoubtedly one of 2008’s most impressive indie-rap records; Granite lyrics splattered across new-age polymer beats. Get familiar….



2008 was a big year for Backwoodz Studioz but we aren’t resting on our laurels, ’09 is going to be even more grilchy©MarQ Spekt. Here is your first taste of Guilty Party from MarQ Spekt & producer Lex Boogie from Da Bronx. Artwork now, music soon…

Marq Spekt's Guilty Party

smoke em if you got em friends, smoke em if you got em.

The Unveiling

The covers are have finally come off The Unveiling, the debut LP from MarQ Spekt and Karniege; The Invizzibl Men. The result is a ferociously hard rap record bristling with gunmetal beats and lyrics still dripping spraypaint. Guests on The Unveiling include Vast Aire, Vordul Mega, C-Rayz Walz, Billy Woods and the Broady Champs.

  • 1. Introcutlery (Prod. by Jaz Infinite)
  • 2. Futurama (Prod. by Tef)
  • 3. Zookeeper feat. Vordul Mega (Prod. by Illastrate)
  • 4. HipHopPSA (Prod. by DJ Wreckon)
  • 5. 52 Lashings feat. billy woods (Prod. by Jaz Infinite)
  • 6. Jimmy Swagger (Prod. by Khalid Salaam)
  • 7. T-Rex feat. C-Rayz Walz (Prod. by Illastrate)
  • 8. Darkroom [Red Warfare Sessions] (Prod. by Omega One)
  • 9. Thin Air (Prod. by Illastrate)
  • 10. Mighty Broady feat. Broady Champs, Vast Aire (Prod. by Amdex)
  • 11. Stories of a Ghost (Prod. by Amdex)
  • 12. Neon Mud (Prod. by Tef)
  • 13. Ten Years Later feat. Akil Nuru, Access Immortal (Prod. by Khalid Salaam)