MarQ Spekt presents… Bloodlust Vol. 2

Bloodlust 2 is the definitive MarQ Spekt record. A step above everything released thus far. This project features the reclusive veteran rhyming along side some of  his generations finest MC’s including Karniege, Messiah, Vordul Mega, Sean Price, J-Live, Stahhr the Empress, Thirstin Howl 3rd, Broady Champs, C-Rayz Walz, John Robinson, Skit Slam, Dynas and more.

Those who have followed the “Broady Champ” since the late 90’s and kept your eyes to the ground during Spekt’s J.D. Salinger-esque hiatus from the game, finally have what they have been waiting for. Bloodlust 2 is a labor of love and the first album to hand anyone who wants to know what he MarQ Spekt is about.  Barbwire rhymes, scrunch your face up verses, the “grilchiness” that you’ve been missing.

Bloodlust Vol. 2

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MarQ Spekt – Bloodlust Vol 2 LEAK

This project according to Spekt is the definitive project from him. A step above everything released thus far and boasts strong collabo’s and features. Rhyming along side some of the Undergrounds finest MC’s including Karniege, Messiah, Vordul Mega, Sean Price, J-Live, Stahhr the Empress, Thirstin Howl 3rd, Broady Champs, C-Rayz Walz, John Robinson, Skit Slam, Dynas and others.

Bloodlust Vol2 Leak

1. Prelude
2. Introductory fees
3. Guttersnipin’2 -ft.LexBoogiefromtheBX,Akil Nuru
4. Broken Halo-ft.HiCoup,Karniege,Vordul Mega
5. the Corner-freestyle
6. Murder Illastrated-ft Dynas
7. the LightShow1
8. This is HipHop-ft Messiah,LexBoogiefromtheBX
9. Lexilla-ft.Stahhr the Empress,J-Live,Ozy Reigns,Huey P Capone
10. 151 Banger Illastrate remix-ft. Broady Champs
11. The Ogeez-ft.LexBoogiefromtheBX,Akil Nuru
12. Kill that efffa@#@# freestyle
13. Metal Face Rucker Park shit
14. Conflict at the Embassy-ft LexBoogiefromtheBX
15. T.O.P ft-Huey P Capone aka Nyce
16. LightShow2-ft.Messiah
17. Dream_Rough
18. Thin Air-ft Karniege
19. the Hoook snippet-ft CrayzWalz,ThirstinHowlII,SeanPrice
20. Summer of 99′-ft ID4Windz,SkitSlam,John Robinson aka Lil’ Sci
21. True HipHop Stories

Murder Illastrated-ft Dynas

MarQ Spekt: Murder Illastrated-ft Dynas by backwoodzstudioz

The Ogeez-ft.LexBoogiefromtheBX,Akil Nuru

MarQ Spekt: The Ogeez-ft.LexBoogiefromtheBX,Akil Nuru by backwoodzstudioz

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Law & Order front

It’s been a long year, and Uncommon Records and Backwoodz Studioz are ending it with a bang. Law & Order pits Backwoodz in-house producer Willie Green (Super Chron Flight Brothers, Cannibal Ox, Reks) against Uncommon capo Nasa aka Adam Warlock (owner Uncommon Records) in an all-out producer battle for indie rap supremacy. Law & Order features exclusives, remixes, and instrumentals as two of underground hip-hop’s best producers clash for bragging rights.

1. Flashback (Nasa Remix)- Del the Funky Homosapien & Tame One
2. Ain’t Got Much Time- HiCoup
3. Somehow, Someway (Nasa Remix) – Organized Konfusion
4. The World Piece- Zesto
5. Pyro- Vast Aire (From the vaults of Young Warlock)
6. Hermit Kingdom (Willie Green Remix) – The Presence
7. Flower Children- Nasa aka Adam Warlock
8. Pardon Me- Warren Britt
9. Rocket Science- Isaiah Toothtaker & Nasa aka Adam Warlock
10. Writer’s Block- Teddy Faley
11. Voice Within A Candle (Inst.)- Nasa aka Adam Warlock
12. The Terror- MC K-Swift
13. Tetris- The Presence & K-the-I???
14. The Ballad of Jesse L. Martin (Inst.)- Willie Green

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Odd Numbered Tracks Produced and Mixed by Nasa
Even Numbered Tracks Produced and Mixed by Willie Green

Law & Order back

Super Chron Flight Brothers present Deleted Scenes FREE DOWNLOAD

Deleted Scenes

The Super Chron Flight Brothers are back! Deleted Scenes is a prelude to Cape Verde, which is the official follow-up to their 2007 debut Emergency Powers. The mixtape is full of brand-new Super Chron tracks, remixes and unreleased exclusives. There is even a sneak peak at some new Billy Woods solo material. Cape Verde was originally slated for release this fall but now that the release date is set as 2/23/10, we felt like we owed the fans something to hold them over.

Deleted Scenes features guest appearances by Cannibal Ox, Invizzibl Men, Trife da God, Zesto, Pastense, Junclassic, Johnny Voltik, and more. Production is handled by Willie Green, BOND, Marmaduke, Essex Dogs, A.M. Breakups and Arcsin.

DOWNLOAD Deleted Scenes NOW for FREE

1. Michael Richards – SCFB
2. Guy Fawkes (Willie Green Remix) – SCFB feat Trife Diesel
3. Headband – Billy Woods
4. IFC – Priviledge
5. La Da (BOND Remix) – SCFB
6. Stories Of A Ghost (A.M. Breakups Remix) – Invizzibl Men
7. Consolation Prize – Billy Woods feat Vordul Mega
8. The Man Who Would Be King – Billy Woods
9. High Hater – SCFB
10. In My Cipher Remix – Pastense feat Can Ox, SCFB & Johnny Voltik
11. Forms – AM Breakups feat Billy Woods
12. Wright Brothers – SCFB
13. Trigganomics Remix – Vordul Mega feat Billy Woods & Junclassic
14. Telly Savalas – SCFB
15. Soft Shoe – SCFB
16. The Ritual – Zesto & Billy Woods
17. First Encounters – Willie Green feat Eleven
18. Chikurubi – Billy Woods
19. .38 Special – SCFB & Pastense
20. High Grade (Arcsin Remix) – SCFB
21 Lone Gunman – Billy Woods


Megagraphitti is an album that Vordul has been working on in one form or another for much of his career. The path that has brought it to light has been as dark, difficult and full of danger as the one he has walked through the heart of the Rotten Apple for his whole life. The songs spell out a journey from youthful optimism to hardened veteran and back out the other side, a tale of survival, struggle and redemption.

  • 1. Stay Conscious (produced by Zach One)
  • 2. AK-47 f/ Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) (produced by Opto)
  • 3. Opium Scripts f/ billy woods (produced by Bond)
  • 4. Hattori Hanzo (produced y DJ Marmaduke)
  • 5. Air Battery f/ Tommy Gunn (Megalon of Monsta Island Czars) & billy woods (produced by Bond)
  • 6. Trigganomics (produced by Bronze Nazareth)
  • 7. Broken Halo f/ Invizzibl Men & Hi-Coup (produced by Lex Boogie from Da Bronx)
  • 8. Light (produced by Bond)
  • 9. In the Mirror f/ Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) (produced by Sid Roams)
  • 10. Beautiful (produced by Armyfatigue)
  • 11. Learn (produced by Ravage)
  • 12. Peanut Butta Up’s (produced by DJ Marmaduke)
  • 13. Keep Living f/ billy woods (produced by El-P)
  • 14. Imani (produced by Essex Dogs)
  • 15. Megagraphitti (produced by Zach-One)

Golden Gunn

In his follow-up to Eminent Domain, Bond comes out with guns blazin’. Over the course of this 70 minute LP, Bond probably runs through 50 different beats and almost every genre of music thats ever been recorded. Expect the unexpected, light your blunt, clean your guns, fix your bike chain, put away the good silverware because like a wise man once said “It’s only like five percent out of a hundred!”

  • 1. Coup du Jour f. Vordul & Creature
  • 2. Basic Training
  • 3. Yardman Anthem f. Vordul, Akir, woods, Edge, Hasan
  • 4. Paranoia
  • 5. Bank Job f. MykCee
  • 6. Pre-Emptive Strikes Remix f. billy woods
  • 7. Lawmen
  • 8. General Tso f. Hasan Salaam & HiCoup
  • 9. Adam & Eve
  • 10. Barbarians at the Gate f. Super Cron Flight Bros
  • 11. Stay Quiet Remix f. billy woods, Edge, Vordul
  • 12. 007
  • 13. Come On and Take It
  • 14. Low Tide
  • 15. Holy Ghost
  • 16. Warrior Remix f. Hasan Salaam
  • 17. Unemployment
  • 18. Rent Control f. billy woods
  • 19. Cigar Squad
  • 20. 1876 f. billy woods
  • 21. Recon
  • 22. Level Up f. Keith Masters
  • 23. Poli-Sci f. billy woods & Vordul
  • 24. Plague
  • 25. Ritual
  • 26. Rehab
  • 27. O Child