Willie Green presents “Days of Future Past”

Willie Green has a lot of songs. A lot like “200 in the past six years” a lot.

That’s what Willie Green told Mo Niklz when he asked him to mix this compilation. The idea of narrowing down this many songs to the best 30 was a bit daunting; they finally threw in the towel, leaving the final track count at 38. But hell, if those last eight were so good that they couldn’t keep them off, hopefully you’ll find a way to forgive them.

From Willie Green, “I gave Mo a lot of license picking which songs would make it; I sent him a relatively short list of ‘must-includes’ and told him to surprise me. The result is a solid hour of some of my favorite cuts, along with some unheard gems, featuring Junclassic, Warren Britt, the Bronx up-and-comer Deshawn Supreme, and rap legend General Steele of Boot Camp Clik.”

These are songs Willie Green either produced or remixed. Every beat here is produced by Willie Green. The download includes liner notes with stories about each song. We hope you enjoy…

Days of Future Past cover

You can download “Days of Future Past” for free HERE.

billy woods LIVE 7/25 @ Cameo Lounge, Brooklyn NY

For his first NYC show since the critically acclaimed “History Will Absolve Me” lp dropped, billy woods will be performing for the Brooklyn stop with the “Them Boys Ain’t Right” tour at the Cameo Lounge. The “Them Boys Ain’t Right” tour begins Tuesday, July 24th in Boston! ADAM (of Uncommon Records) will be touring with fellow progsters, Brzowski (Milled Pavement) and Mo Niklz. They’ll be rocking five stages in five nights that will take them from Boston through Brooklyn; Portland, Maine; Newport, R.I.; and Bridgeport, Conn. for a Northeast tour. Open Mike Eagle, MegaRan, PremRock & Willie Green  will also be sharing the stage with billy woods as special guests for the NY stop of the tour.

Wed, July 25, 2012

Cameo Lounge

10:00 pm

93 North 6th Street

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(718) 302-1180



Four Seasons – Fall (Movement 3)

Assembled over the course of Willie and PremRock’s “Kill Your Idols” European tour, Fall (Movement 3) comes to you straight from Vienna, Austria. The third installment in Green’s seasonal series, this reflects the change to colder tempos and mellowing of moods. Like the other installments, Fall (Movement 3) is a “Name Your Own Price” download, even for free! Available Tues. Oct 25th from Backwoodz Studioz.



A nod to Vivaldi’s violin concertos of the same name, Willie Green and Backwoodz Studioz release the first movement of the Four Seasons beat tape series. Spring (Movement 1) is a 20-minute blend of instrumentals inspired by/perfect for the impending warm weather. A departure from the dialogue heavy Dirty Jordans and Of Heroes & Villains…, Spring is strictly beats, a great backdrop for stoop sales, BBQ’s and all the things you can’t wait to do when the weather is right.


Cape Verde Hits The Streets!

Today is the day that the Super Chron Flight Brothers new album Cape Verde drops on CD. To celebrate the release of the deluxe CD’s replete with extended liner notes, we are dropping the video for “Bmore” featuring Zesto. Check it out here


Where to buy Cape Verde online:

Access Hip Hop

Sandbox Automatic


UGHH will also have limited quantities of the Cape Verde remix CD called Direct TV. Cape Verde; Direct TV is a remix of the ENTIRE Cape Verde album. Backwoodz reached out to beatmakers of all stripes in order to reconstruct this future classic from the ground up! Producers include Subtitle, Lex Boogie, DJ Zesto, Marmaduke, Nasa, Dig Dug, AM Breakups, Essex Dogs, Army Fatique, BOND and Willie Green. With all new samples, Direct TV is the perfect companion piece to the last SCFB album.

Cape Verde Physical Release

Dirty Jordans Available Now!

Ironically, the follow up to Willie Green’s acclaimed …Of Heroes and Villains, (July ’09 – Backwoodz Studioz) Dirty Jordans is technically the prelude. Completed a year prior to the New England producer’s debut, Dirty Jordans was held back once the Flight Brothers started mining the instrumental album for beats.  Created from ’07 – 08, Dirty Jordans is a 30 track instrumental companion piece to the Super Chron Flight Brothers upcoming LP, Cape Verde.  The album includes a number of beats that also appear on Cape Verde, so Backwoodz Studioz will be releasing the projects one week apart with Jordans on June 15th and Cape Verde on the 22nd. A departure from the storyline concept of …Of Heroes and Villains, Dirty Jordans is a stream of consciousness project, a wide selection of beats with movie and television samples abound.  The album features Green’s alter-ego Baron Silas Greenback, alter-alter-ego David Lopan, and a host of other “guests.”

Willie Green is based out of Brooklyn, NY and possesses an impressive production resume including Cannibal Ox, LuckyIAm, Reks, Naledge (of Kidz In The Hall), MarQ Spekt and many more.  As in-house producer/engineer for Backwoodz Studioz, Green has a number of upcoming projects with the label, including a one MC/one producer project with New Jersey’s HiCoup titled Guerrilla Jones, production on the upcoming billy woods solo effort History Will Absolve Me, and work on New York based emcee Premonition’s debut The Build.

Dirty Jordans cover
Dirty Jordans back cover

Dirty Jordans is available exclusively at
For Only $5.00

Strangers With Candy Video

The Super Chron Flight Brothers new album, Cape Verde, is due in digital form on June 22 and CD on July 13th. We here at Backwoodz are really excited about the record, and apparently we are not the only ones. Check out the Village Voice interview where Billy Woods discusses “Reggie Miller” and the last album of the World Tour trilogy. But you know we would not hit up your inboxes if that was all we had to offer, producer Willie Green not only laced the beat of the single we are premiering right here, he also made a video. So, ladies and gentlemen, Backwoodz Studioz is proud to present….

Strangers With Candy” from the forthcoming LP, Cape Verde.


Reggie Miller

It’s been a long time coming, as they say, but finally the new Super Chron Flight Brothers album, Cape Verde, has a release date (June 22nd). So what better to time hit y’all with the first single, “Reggie Miller“, produced by the incomparable Willie Green. And while we are at it, here is the tracklisting (or should I say, TV Guide) for Cape Verde. So twist up, turn up the volume and think back on the days when, for better or worse, “skunk” just meant it wasn’t completely brown, and the biggest bill you had every month was for your pager.

Reggie Miller

1. Reggie Miller
2. Golden Grams
3. GMA
4. Good Country People
5. Travailler
6. B More ft. Zesto
7. Jumpstreet
8. Wheel Of Fortune ft. Masai Bey
9. Double Jeopardy
10. Strangers With Candy
11. Rap City
12. The Spin Off
13. 42nd St. ft. Lord Superb, Pastense & HiCoup
14. No Spin Zone
15. Unsolved Mysteries ft. Vordul Mega
16. Emmanuel Goldstein ft. Bigg Jus
17. Nigger Pennies
18. 100 Ft. of Cold Dirt ft. Johnny Voltik
19. Guns And Pussy
20. Paid Programming

Reggie Miller by backwoodzstudioz

Reggie Miller (Clean) by backwoodzstudioz

Reggie Miller (Instrumental) by backwoodzstudioz