The Unveiling

The covers are have finally come off The Unveiling, the debut LP from MarQ Spekt and Karniege; The Invizzibl Men. The result is a ferociously hard rap record bristling with gunmetal beats and lyrics still dripping spraypaint. Guests on The Unveiling include Vast Aire, Vordul Mega, C-Rayz Walz, Billy Woods and the Broady Champs.

  • 1. Introcutlery (Prod. by Jaz Infinite)
  • 2. Futurama (Prod. by Tef)
  • 3. Zookeeper feat. Vordul Mega (Prod. by Illastrate)
  • 4. HipHopPSA (Prod. by DJ Wreckon)
  • 5. 52 Lashings feat. billy woods (Prod. by Jaz Infinite)
  • 6. Jimmy Swagger (Prod. by Khalid Salaam)
  • 7. T-Rex feat. C-Rayz Walz (Prod. by Illastrate)
  • 8. Darkroom [Red Warfare Sessions] (Prod. by Omega One)
  • 9. Thin Air (Prod. by Illastrate)
  • 10. Mighty Broady feat. Broady Champs, Vast Aire (Prod. by Amdex)
  • 11. Stories of a Ghost (Prod. by Amdex)
  • 12. Neon Mud (Prod. by Tef)
  • 13. Ten Years Later feat. Akil Nuru, Access Immortal (Prod. by Khalid Salaam)