Super Chron Flight Brothers

Emergency Powers

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Terror Firma

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billy woods


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[archived] 007 interview :
Cool Eh Magazine, Issue 1

[below] Q&A with Goldenchild:

— Backwoodz exclusive —

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.. But my family is from Trinidad & Tobago…
I also have Native American relatives as well .. Chinook indian… So I’m
West Indian/Native  American/and of African descent

Out of all your talentsfor music (production, rapping, singing) which
do you think you do best?

I considered myself to performer and performance is what I do best.. the
only difference is the medium I choose @ the time to express myself…
Be it producing music, tv shows, screenplays, stage plays, directing videos
or people …. To me it’s all about _expression.. I enjoy the creative process
and the feedback I get when showcasing the talents that the most high has
bestowed upon me…

Soundclash 2 has a diverse lineup how did you decide who to take into battle
with you?

When we taking on the responsibilty of undertaking such as groundbreaking
project… I feel that AXIS & myself were those next dudes to step up…
his production style I’ve always respected since I was featured on the Shadows
track off  THE REAVERS project.. So just made since to have us do battle…
we make beats using the same medium.. I wanted him to bring his best and I
also wanted to be put to the test… but @ the same time make an album worthy
of recognition.. As far as the MC’s go.. AXIS wanted to showcase MCs he knew
from his native state NJ and therefore I was like then I’ll bring the best
dudes coming out the boroughs that cats need to check… Unfortunately, some
of them like New Breed from BKLYN (from my hood) didn’t make the final cut
nor did Calicon Royal & Kirk Blaza make either.. I basically had more
features then Axis and had to cut back on the final mix….

Who’s production are you feeling right now in hip-hop?

Kev Brown (really reminds me of my inspirational producer of all times; Pete
Rock).. I like 9th Wonder.. but i also dig alot cats that people haven’t heard
of like Sirena Mari (Chilean born songstress that mixes Latin music with trip
hop).. Akir’s production is featured on my upcoming solo debut “Escape
from Hell” and as well as Hasan Salaam production…

What equipment do you make your beats on and what would be a dream
piece of equipment for you?

I make all my music using Acid Pro.. (i been using Acid since
1.0)  the only difference is that I have all the sound kit from all the
old school & new school beat machines.. I just don’t need the hardware…
When I got introduced to making beats, I was using the legendary
EMU SP 1200  but you can only sample 10 sec of sound and nowadays thats
obslete…  But the drum sounds coming off that machine are the very foundations
of that hip hop “boom bap sound”… Plus beatmakers like Pete Rock
and Dj Premier made classic records with this drum machine…

I guess my dream equipment would be if someone designed a plug-in
that could emulate the sound and feel of the SP 1200… It would be a best

Tell us about your upcoming solo? When, where, what and how?

My upcoming solo debut is currently titled “Escape from
Hell” and deals with man escape from pitfalls of materialism, capitalism
and all things that distract people from what life is truly about.. Be free
to express and enjoy life… Not be caught in the politics of man.. We were
once a people that lived alongside nature.. Not our current state of trying
to be GODS of earth with no understanding of balance and harmony.. The project
currently in the production/recording phase.. I would like to release it
in the Spring/Summer of 2006… maybe a possible joint venture with BackwoodzStudioz
and Metropoliz Musak the musical arm of my multimedia company METROPOLIZ
MEDIA…  I’ve
also been shown interest from Little Brother’s label   ABB/Capitol Records..
. The future is the future.. I just wanna get making great melodically inspirational

What other projects do you have underway right now?

Currently I pressing up copies of SoundClash 2: Goldenchild vs. AXIS
to be included with THE REAVERS debut release TERROR FIRMA…. Also I produced
to joints on the upcoming AKIR album “Legacy”…I got a few joints
on the next BackwooodzStudioz project “Super Chron Flight Brothers”,
which is billy woods and Priviledge… I’m also in the midst of negotiating
with a few TV networks to get my “Trashman Show” pilot on the airwaves..
I’m also have spinoff show called “The Ugly Perspective” featuring
my partner-in-rhyme U.G.L.Y. MAN currently being aired on EvolvingArtist.com…
I’m working on shooting the first video for THE REAVERS single SLUMS b/w America….
Of course finishing my solo debut “Escape from Hell” for a 2006
release…. and just recently I’ve been commissioned to produce an entire
full length project featuring Hasan Salaam & Akir.. So that’s just a little
taste of the life & times of the GOLDENCHILD….

Which MC would you most want to produce for right now, and what producer besides
would you most like to have doing your production?

I really would like to produce for Cannibal OX, maybe a joint or two for
Immortal Technique, Jean Grey, Malene Younglao, Little Brother, Kanye West,
there’s alot people that I would also just wanna do collaborations with….
John Legend, Mos Def, Talib, Dead Prez, KRS-ONE, Damian Marley… etc..

Anything else?

Peace & thanks to all my fans, myspace.com, COOL’EH magazine,
all the artists out there feeling my music, those that I’m currently working
with, 2 those who i’ll be working with in the future, those who’ve made
my life a struggle in order to turn me into the man I am today,…. Backwoodz
Studioz for appreciating my talents and running with it..GOLDENCHILD is more
than a man.. IT’S A MOVEMENT