Armand Hammer set to release Paraffin

Backwoodz Is Proud To Announce The Release Armand Hammer’s New Album Available EXCLUSIVELY on 180 Gram Vinyl on July 13!

So, this may or may not be a surprise to you guys but we have a new VINYL-only project from Armand Hammer up for pre-orders. Paraffin features production from ELUCID, Messiah Musik, Small Pro, August Fanon, Oblihv, Kenny Segal and Willie Green. The Paraffin cover was shot by the inimitable Alexander Richter, and we are really proud to be able to have such a powerful image as the album artwork. And the whole record was miixed and mastered by Willie Green, so you know this is going to sound incredible on 180 gram black vinyl.

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A distillate, by it’s very nature, is purified, clearer than that which is left in it’s wake. When we talk of finding the heart of something, what to make of the rest, of everything that is flayed away searching for an imagined greater truth. Then comes Victor Frankenstein in the boneyard, with a Tesla coil and a wooden wagon with a creaky wheel. Looking for freshly turned earth. Chances are they’re only a few feet deep, it’s cheap work, and they get lazy, same as anyone. The spade sinks right in, the ground is soft. It’s been a wet spell. The townspeople will be raging soon, but tonight, they sleep.

1. Sweet Micky [prod. ELUCID]
2. Rehearse with Ornette [prod. ELUCID]
3. Dettol [prod. Small Pro]
4. No Days Off [prod. August Fanon]
5. Fuhrman Tapes [prod. Messiah Musik & Willie Green]
6. Hunter [prod. ELUCID]
7. Alternate Side Parking [prod. August Fanon & Kenny Segal]

8. If He Holla (feat. Skech185) [prod. August Fanon]
9. Black Garlic [prod. Oblihv]
10. VX [prod. ELUCID]
11. Vindaloo [prod. Messiah Musik]
12. ECOMOG [prod. Messiah Musik & Kenny Segal]
13. Bob Barker [prod. ELUCID]
14. Sudden Death [prod. Messiah Musik]
15. Root Farm [prod. Messiah Musik & ELUCID]

*Please note that a modified version of Paraffin will be available digitally at some point but it may not be for some time. At THAT time, anyone who pre-ordered the vinyl will receive a download code for whichever digital version of Paraffin is made available. Paraffin may or may not be available in streaming form in the future and purchase of the vinyl does not ensure access to any versions of the album that may be available for streaming services.


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