Armand Hammer

billy woods & ELUCID

Photo by Alexander Richter
In 2020 Armand Hammer returned to the scene with Shrines, and as always they were treading new ground. A brighter, almost organic sound palette and a deep roster of guests and producers made Shrines a singular piece in the colorful jigsaw that is Armand Hammer’s discography. Now, for the first time ELUCID and billy woods have crafted an album with a single producer and the result is extraordinary. Haram, a full-length collaboration legendary producer The Alchemist. With their unmatched penchant for stirring imagery and incisive storytelling, the two rappers dive into an ocean of Alchemist’s creation: warmly inviting on the surface, black and bone-crushingly cold at depth.


All photos by Alexander Richter.

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