Demisexual Lovelace

Fielded’s The Sherita Sessions: Demisexual Lovelace Remixes

The Sherita Sessions: Demisexual Lovelace Remixes is a complete re-working of Fielded’s remarkable 2020 Backwoodz Studioz debut. Drawing on the talents of those disparate collaborators, Demisexual Lovelace is pulled from its lush psychedelic R&B sound bed and led into the unknown. Genres are ignored, tempos radically transformed and lyrics come and go, like flocks of birds rising and diverging in the sky. If you heard the original record, The Sherita Sessions is a bold remodeling of a beautiful home. If this is your introduction to Fielded, consider this the moment when you decide to eat shrooms with your new best friend.

The album is free to listen or download but if you can afford to, always tip your waiter. Every contribution is appreciated right now. And if you didn’t cop the vinyl before, now is a good time to grab one of these highly-limited hot-pink records, which comes with the bonus track “High in a While”.

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