It’s only September, but we are already in winter mode at the label, wrapping up rap presents for all you rappity-rap fiends. We are really excited to be putting out producer A.M. Breakups new album The Cant Resurrection, as well as a free billy woods mixtape. But before we do all that, we thought we would whet your appetite with Clink Pieces, an EP by A.M. Breakups. Meant as a companion piece to his forthcoming album, the songs on Clink Pieces are a mix of instrumentals and collaborations with MC’s K-Swift, Eleven, Teddy Faley, Warren Britt, V8, Model Citizen and Nasa aka Adam Warlock. For those already familiar with A.M. Breakups from his output as one half of the group 11:00A.M. or his work with the Super Chron Flight Brothers, Clink Pieces is a first look at this young producer’s solo vision. And for those of you who don’t know…get familiar!

Clink Pieces


For some visuals, check out the video for “Baltimore, I Never Been”, the first single from Clink Pieces. Directed and filmed by Crosby for photo-POW.

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