billy woods x Messiah Musik - Church [Cassette]

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DETAILS: Ferric Tape - Green Tint shell with White Imprint in clear norelco box 3-panel 4/4 J-Card, featuring photography by Alexander Richter. Includes a download to the digital version of the album. Downloads include choice of MP3, WAV, or FLAC. Shipping by mid-November 2022.

Church is the new project from billy woods, produced entirely by longtime Armand Hammer collaborator Messiah Musik. The album is a tightly wound exploration of memory and faith, marijuana and fate, the price of love and the cost of doing business. Equal parts memoir and sativa-tinged fever dream, Church moves from Jamaica, Queens to Trelawny, Jamaica, Chernobyl to Morningside Heights without missing a beat. Guests include ELUCID (Armand Hammer), AKAI SOLO, Fat Ray (Bruiser Brigade), and Fielded. As we stand now in the twilight of prohibition, Church is a dedication to those who thrived, died, or barely survived under its long shadow—an ode to a city that is long gone and to old friends whose real names we never knew.

  1. Paraquat
  2. Artichoke
  3. Swampwater
  4. Fever Grass
  5. Fuchsia & Green ft. ELUCID
  6. Classical Music  ft. AKAI SOLO & Fielded
  7. Cossack Wedding 
  8. Schism ft. Fat Ray
  9. Frankie 
  10. Pollo Rico
  11. All Jokes Aside
  12. Magdalene ft. ELUCID

All songs produced by Messiah Musik, except Fever Grass, which was co-produced by billy woods
All lyrics written by billy woods except where noted
Executive produced by billy woods

Engineered by Steel Tipped Dove
Mixed and mastered by Willie Green @ The Greenhouse
Photography by Alexander Richter
Design by Ashes57