woods + segal - Hiding Places [DIGITAL]

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ARTIST: billy woods + Kenny Segal
ALBUM: Hiding Places
FORMAT: MP3 (320kbps)
NOTES: This is the woods + segal Hiding Places MP3 zip download. Digital download will be available from the online link in your invoice. Upon release you will receive a notice email with the the link to your invoice as well as the download link. This purchase allows you two downloads.
SHIPS: Available for download on Friday, March 29, 2019.


  1. spongebob
  2. steak knives
  3. checkpoints
  4. spider hole
  5. Houthi
  6. a day in a week in a year featuring MOTHERMARY
  7. bedtime
  8. crawlspace* featuring ELUCID
  9. speak gently featuring Self Jupiter
  10. toothy
  11. bigfakelaugh
  12. red dust


Hiding Places is a collaborative album from Brooklyn-based rapper billy woods and Los Angeles beat scene veteran Kenny Segal, set for release by Backwoodz Studioz on March 29, 2019. On its face, it seems an unlikely pairing; woods—who moonlights as ½ of dissonant rap duo Armand Hammer—is a chaotic force, the warped relic of an NY indie-rap wave that never happened. Meanwhile, Segal has been in L.A. for twenty years; from paying dues with Project Blowed to pushing the culture forward with Busdriver and Milo. All the while, his soulful, dreamlike production precariously tethered to earth by the right drums or rumbling bass.

But look closer and it makes more sense. After all, Segal lent his production to a couple of songs on Paraffin, Armand Hammer’s critically-acclaimed opus, and the two artists have more than a few shared collaborators: Open Mike Eagle, ELUCID, and Hemlock Ernst amongst them. Hiding Places finds both artists deep in the labyrinth. Segal’s lush soundscapes have a new edge, woods’ writing is, paradoxically, at its most direct. Hiding Places is a child’s game: funny and cruel, as brutal as a fairy tale. The album features contributions from both artists’ well of collaborators with ELUCID, Self-Jupiter, and MOTHERMARY making appearances.

Kenny Segal had a busy 2018, dropping the jazzy Casual Horns, Dog with Mr. Carmack and Mike Parvizi, Kenstrumentals Vol. 3 (Dome of Doom), a beat tape of deftly chopped samples and knocking, unquantized percussion, and then blew everyone away with happy little trees (Ruby Yacht) a remarkable solo LP. woods kept a lower profile but still made waves as Paraffin was widely lauded as among the year’s best albums. Hiding Places is woods’ first solo project since 2017’s Known Unknowns.