Duncecap - Miserable Then [DIGITAL]

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ARTIST: Duncecap
ALBUM: miserable then
FORMAT: MP3 (192kbps)
NOTES: This is the Duncecap miserable then MP3 album digital download. Includes two bonus tracks!
AVAILABLE: Available for download on December 6th, 2019


  1. Waste Of Money
  2. Sometimes I Walk In The Rain
  3. To Love Your Enemy Is To Love Yourself
  4. What Have I Done To Myself? feat. Quelle Chris
  5. Who Knows?


Miserable then is a collaborative EP from Brooklyn-based rapper Duncecap and producer ELUCID (½ of Armand Hammer). In a departure from his previous work, Duncecap sinks into ELUCID’s brooding tones and soundscapes. It’s a mature step for Duncecap, eschewing the whimsical slant of his earlier work for something closer to the bone. The EP also finds ELUCID treading new ground; it’s his first full project producing for another artist, and this collaboration operates on entirely different wavelengths than his work with Armand Hammer or Nostrum Grocers. Miserable then is an intimate affair; an unsparing examination of the artists’ life and relationships that still covers a lot of ground in its short run time, veritably begging for repeat listens.