ELUCID -Shit Don't Rhyme No More (Remaster) [VINYL]

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ALBUM: Shit Don't Rhyme No More (Remaster)
FORMAT: BLUE COLORED 12" VINYL with MP3 Digital Download.
NOTES: This is the ELUCID Shit Don't Rhyme No More (Remaster) blue colored 12" vinyl with artwork by Alexander Laird. Digital download link will be emailed to purchaser on release date.
SHIPS: November 8, 2019



  1. Swazi
  2. Bad Credit Is Better Than No Credit
  3. Hyssop
  4. 1010 Wins
  5. lambskin
  6. Rick Ross Moonwalk
  7. Round the SunSIDE B
  8. RZA Taught Me
  9. Idris (feat. Psychic Twin)
  10. All Of a Sudden We Were In a Vampire Bar
  11. Oblivion Reflex
  12. Legalese (feat. Keiyya)

Backwoodz Studioz is excited to announce the release of rapper/producer ELUCID’s Shit Don’t Rhyme No More on vinyl. This is more than a simple first-pressing though; there are two new songs- and this version has been completely remastered by Willie Green. Originally conceived as “specially prepared jams for the 2018 Daytripping to Chapel Perilous Tour” with milo, Shit Don’t Rhyme No More was self-released by ELUCID and quickly garnered praise, despite it’s lo-fi unfussiness. For a public eager for new solo work from ELUCID, it was an unexpected gift from an artist who had two great 2018 collaborations under his wing in Armand Hammer’s Paraffin and Nostrum Grocers’ self-titled debut. Now, replete with bonus tracks and custom mastering job, Shit Don’t Rhyme No More is available for the first time on vinyl.