Ironically, the follow up to Willie Green’s acclaimed …Of Heroes and Villains, (July ’09 – Backwoodz Studioz) Dirty Jordans is technically the prelude. Completed a year prior to the New England producer’s debut, Dirty Jordans was held back once the Flight Brothers started mining the instrumental album for beats.  Created from ’07 – 08, Dirty Jordans is a 30 track instrumental companion piece to the Super Chron Flight Brothers upcoming LP, Cape Verde.  The album includes a number of beats that also appear on Cape Verde, so Backwoodz Studioz will be releasing the projects one week apart with Jordans on June 15th and Cape Verde on the 22nd. A departure from the storyline concept of …Of Heroes and Villains, Dirty Jordans is a stream of consciousness project, a wide selection of beats with movie and television samples abound.  The album features Green’s alter-ego Baron Silas Greenback, alter-alter-ego David Lopan, and a host of other “guests.”

Willie Green is based out of Brooklyn, NY and possesses an impressive production resume including Cannibal Ox, LuckyIAm, Reks, Naledge (of Kidz In The Hall), MarQ Spekt and many more.  As in-house producer/engineer for Backwoodz Studioz, Green has a number of upcoming projects with the label, including a one MC/one producer project with New Jersey’s HiCoup titled Guerrilla Jones, production on the upcoming billy woods solo effort History Will Absolve Me, and work on New York based emcee Premonition’s debut The Build.

Dirty Jordans coverDirty Jordans back cover

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