The Flight Brothers may have been quiet since Emergency Powers and it’s companion disc Tour Support dropped in early 2007 but Priviledge and the venerable Mr. woods have been hard at work. That work will pay off with two new releases in 2009, starting with Indonesia and following up with Cape Verde. Indonesia will be a FREE DOWNLOAD but will also be available as a limited edition vinyl LP  for all you luddites out there who are still willing to pay us for our artistic efforts [we love you!]. Expect it to drop inn January.

Production on Indonesia is handled primarily by DJ Marmaduke [Megagraphitti, Terror Firma, The Chalice] with assistance from longtime Backwoodz producer DR MONOKROME. Add to that beats from Nasa [Uncommon Music] and electro-dub impressario Teleseen and you’ve got an interesting soundscape for the Brothers to fly over.

SCFB Indonesia Preview

As for Cape Verde…well, one thing at a time…