It has been almost exactly seven years since Vordul Megallah’s epic opening of what may be this decade’s finest experimental hip-hop record; The Cold Vein. But that was not the beginning; before there was a Definitive Jux there was Atoms Fam, where the quietest member of one of the New York underground’s illest crews was redefining the compound rhyme scheme. However it was only when paired with the mercurial Vast Aire and El-P’s equally revolutionary production that the rest of the world stood up and took notice. It has been four years since Vordul’s first solo, The Revolution of Young Havoks; a critically-acclaimed effort with features from Jean Grae and Masta Killa, Revolution echoed the bleak streets of Harlem and a life far removed from the indie-rap rat race of the time.

Megagraphitti is an album that Vordul has been working on in one form or another for much of his career. The path that has brought it to light has been as dark, difficult and full of danger as the one he has walked through the heart of the Rotten Apple for his whole life. The songs spell out a journey from youthful optimism to hardened veteran and back out the other side, a tale of survival, struggle and redemption. Megagraphitti is an album that Backwoodz and Vordul are proud to finally bring to the light. Guests and collaborators include Vast Aire, El-P, The Invizzibl Men, Joey Chavez, Bond & Tommy Gunn (formerly Megalon) and artwork by the famous Stay High 149. The first single is the title track “Megagraphitti”, which is accompanied by a video that will stir some memories and set the stage for what we think is a very special project. Many thanks to Zach One for his assistance in making this project happen and hooking up the video.