Pre-Order Armand Hammer’s SHRINES

Woop woop, Armand Hammer pre-orders are officially here! ELUCID and billy woods’ new album Shrines drops digitally on June 5th, with physicals to start shipping by June 19th. It has been a battle trying to get this vinyl done under these circumstances, but we made it happen. We only ask that you be as patient with us as we have to be with our vendors, everything is moving at half-capacity and subject to change. That said, we are very excited about this record; from the music to the artwork, it feels like something really special.


Hiding Places first run was a mere 500 units and sold out so quickly that a lot of people never got a chance to grab one. Typically Backwoodz doesn’t do much repressing but rather than leave folks to troll Discogs, we decided to take the plunge. But we also wanted to make sure this version was its own unique piece; so we decided to include the instrumentals and make it a 2xLP!

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