OUT NOW: Curly Castro TOSH

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What better way to introduce this album than a dope new video for a couple of our favorite cuts on the whole album. Or here is how Castro put it himself “Walking Razor” & “Sidney Po” stand as the heartbeat of the record. Walking Razor is a tribute, as well as a possession, by Peter Tosh himself. A love song to your first Blade. And Sidney Po is symbolic of my arrival on the scene, armed with new Musical weaponry- “Guess who’s comin’ to Dinnaaaah, Natty DredLock!”

Video for Curly Castro’s “Walking Razor/Sidney Po” from TOSH.

TOSH draws on Castro’s deep roots in the underground scene with production from Willie Green, Blueprint, Blockhead, Messiah Musik, Uncommon Nasa, Zilla Rocca, Small Pro and Dos4gw, as well as guest appearances from ELUCID, PremRock, Defcee and billy woods, amongst others.

TOSH is a natural evolution of my style. It began as an experiment between East Coast headnod & the lo-end woozy spell of classic Dub. Until TOSH, I only dabbled with my Caribbean influences, my upbringing weaving in and out of my music. TOSHis me going full bore,” Castro explains.


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