OUT NOW: Kenny Segal presents Hiding Places – The Instrumentals

Instrumental version of the 2019 album Hiding Places with all production by Kenny Segal

Backwoodz Studioz is proud to announce the release of Hiding Places – The Instrumentals. It has only been a few months since we dropped Hiding Places, a collaboration between our own billy woods and L.A.-based producer Kenny Segal. In that time the record has been lauded as a masterpiece, no hyperbole or exaggeration. Hiding Places is an incredible record that we believe will stand the test of time and come back stronger for it. The instrumentals don’t stray terribly far from the album versions, but they don’t need to. Kenny demolished it the first time around, which is kinda what we need to talk about right now.

Kenny Segal is one of the best producers in the game, period. Lots of cats are out here making good beats but Kenny is a producer in the old-school sense of the word. He has the ability to construct full projects while elevating himself and his collaborators to new heights. And he has done this with collaborators as disparate as they are individually accomplished. Project Blowed’s Self-Jupiter is an LA legend and founding member of Freestyle Fellowship. Milo (Ruby Yacht) was already riding his own upstart indie wave when he tapped Kenny for So The Flies Don’t Come, and billy woods has been skulking around indie-rap’s margins for more than fifteen years. But with each of these artists, Segal managed to create something unique within their deep catalogues. He did it without a gimmick or template. He skillfully crafted and tailored each record to fit a shared vision. None of these albums sound the same and none of them sound like another album in the respective artists’ ouevre.

But maybe we should let Kenny tell it:

“People have been trying to combine rock tropes into hip hop since the 80s often with some pretty disastrously wack results. Once I got it in my head that I wanted to incorporate distorted guitars and psych rock timbres into this album’s sound I was definitely conscious of that perilous legacy and hopefully was able to add something new to that conversation.  And on that note a big shout out to my boy Ryan Crosby. Even tho he only played on two of the tracks those two really helped me find the voice and set the tone for the rest of the project”

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