Paraffin Reissue: Deluxe 2xLP with Instrumentals and new T-Shirt

“When I think back to us making Paraffin, I think about leaning forward in the dark of Willie Green’s studio, watching him weave his magic. I remember how long ELUCID and I sat on the “Rehearse with Ornette” roughs (it’s the oldest song on the album) and hearing it mixed for the first time; that motherfucking beat just crushing the monitors. I remember Small Pro sending the instrumental to “Dettol” and me busting out the notebook immediately. I remember hearing Green’s flip of “Fuhrman Tapes” for the first time, and thinking I was writing an endpiece to “Hunter” only to find out I was just keeping the seat warm. I remember meeting Kenny Segal; him chilling on the red couch in my old apartment, making beats on retrofitted childrens’ toys that he kept pulling out of a backpack. I remember the day they shot that iconic album cover, and the quiet confidence in Richter’s voice when he called afterwards and said he thought he had “some good ones”. I think about ELUCID dumping the “Root Farm” demo in my lap and thinking, what am I supposed to say after that?? I remember the rest of the bars in that nuclear powered Skech 185 feature”

– billy woods

Starts shipping December 11

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