Armand Hammer - ROME [VINYL]

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ARTIST: Armand Hammer
FORMAT: VINYL (special custom bronze color)
NOTES: This is the Armand Hammer ROME VINYL. Packaged in a 12" jacket with artwork by Shane Ingersoll. x1 piece of custom colored bronze vinyl. Vinyl orders includes AAC (better than MP3) digital downloads available by 11/3/17 digital release date via digital receipt.



    1. Pakistani Brain prod Messiah Musik
    2. Dead Money prod. Messiah Musik
    3. Tread Lightly prod. August Fanon
    4. Carnies ft. Mach Hommy prod. Messiah Musik
    5. Dry Ice prod. Fresh Kils
    6. Microdose ft. Quelle Chris prod. August Fanon
    7. Fanon's Ghost prod. August Fanon


  1. Shammgod ft. Denmark Vessey prod. High Priest
  2. Stole prod. Messiah Musik
  3. It Was Written prod. August Fanon
  4. Dianetics ft. Curly Castro prod. Messiah Musik
  5. Pergamum prod Kenny Segal
  6. Barbarians prod. JPEGMAFIA
  7. Overseas [epilogue] prod. August Fanon

An unsparing indictment of everything. A scratched CD-R ode to the crew of the last nuclear submarine. ROME, the new album by ELUCID and billy woods as ARMAND HAMMER, is the sound of rats in the walls, fleeing. Terrifying, hilarious, chaotic, sleek, violent, implacable, ROME is a feast of words, a stylistic demolition derby over-production both layered and spare.

Those tracks come courtesy of August Fanon, Messiah Musik, Kenny Segal, JPEGMAFIA, Fresh Kils and High Priest (Antipop), while appearances by Quelle Chris, Mach Hommy, Denmark Vessey and Curly Castro add to an already potent mix. ELUCID and woods are two of the most vital voices in the genre- as distinct as they are complimentary- at the height of their powers.