Billy Woods - Today, I Wrote Nothing [DIGITAL]

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ARTIST: billy woods
ALBUM: Today, I Wrote Nothing
NOTES: This is the billy woods Today, I Wrote Nothing DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.
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  1. Lost Blocks f. Elucid
  2. The Big Nothing
  3. Flatlands
  4. Woodhull
  5. U-Boats f. Elucid
  6. Zulu Tolstoy
  7. Warmachines
  8. Carpetbagger f. Elucid
  9. Born Yesterday
  10. Sleep
  11. Scales f. L’Wren
  12. Poor Company f. Elucid & Henry Canyons
  13. Dreams Come True
  14. Bicycles f. Henry Canyons
  15. African Dodger f. Elucid
  16. Lambs
  17. Slow Week
  18. Weeper f. Curly Castro
  19. RPMS
  20. Dark Woods
  21. True Stories
  22. Borrowed Time
  23. Benediction
  24. Good Night

Today, I Wrote Nothing is the first billy woods solo material since 2013’s Dour Candy, his critically acclaimed collaboration with New York City producer Blockhead, itself a follow-up to woods’ sprawling 2012 masterpiece, History Will Absolve Me.

Still, in keeping with woods’ modus operandi, Today, I Wrote Nothing stands apart conceptually from previous work. The album is a collection of short songs and vignettes that form a cohesive meditation on life’s journeys and death’s hiding places.

Elucid, woods’ partner in rap duo Armand Hammer, makes several guest appearances, as does fellow Backwoodz Studioz labelmate Henry Canyons. Equally close to home is the production, provided by a mix of longtime collaborators and friends: Willie Green, Blockhead, Messiah Muzik, Elucid, Steel Tipped Dove, Junclassic, DOSG4W, and Busdriver & Aesop Rock. Additional cameos are by L’Wren, Curly Castro, and DJ Mo Nicklz.

Over this shifting beat collage, woods tirelessly weaves stories and myths in his own inimitable style. The result is a hard-driving road trip of a rap album—music loud, windows down, weight in the trunk. Today, I Wrote Nothing is a powerful statement by one of the genre’s most interesting voices.

All photographs by Alexander Richter