Willie Green - Merchants Of Disaster 7in

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ARTIST: Willie Green
ALBUM: Merchants Of Disaster
NOTES: This is the Willie Green Merchant Of Disaster colored forest green transparent 7" vinyl
SHIPS: September 23, 2016.

Side A

  1. Merchants of Disaster ft. Zesto
  2. The Majii ft. Denmark Vessey

Side B

  1. The Mental Wizard ft. PremRock & Milo
  2. Haunted Ocean ft. Curly Castro, Lauren Kelly Benson & Cavalier

Merchants of Disaster is the companion piece to Doc Savage, a transparent green 7" vinyl featuring three Doc Savage album cuts and the exclusive title track "Merchants of Disaster" featuring Zesto. Also boasting artwork by artist Graeme Borland, Merchants of Disaster is a limited release available only at select retailers or direct from Backwoodz Studioz.