It’s been a long time coming, as they say, but finally the new Super Chron Flight Brothers album, Cape Verde, has a release date (June 22nd). So what better to time hit y’all with the first single, “Reggie Miller“, produced by the incomparable Willie Green. And while we are at it, here is the tracklisting (or should I say, TV Guide) for Cape Verde. So twist up, turn up the volume and think back on the days when, for better or worse, “skunk” just meant it wasn’t completely brown, and the biggest bill you had every month was for your pager.

Reggie Miller

1. Reggie Miller
2. Golden Grams
3. GMA
4. Good Country People
5. Travailler
6. B More ft. Zesto
7. Jumpstreet
8. Wheel Of Fortune ft. Masai Bey
9. Double Jeopardy
10. Strangers With Candy
11. Rap City
12. The Spin Off
13. 42nd St. ft. Lord Superb, Pastense & HiCoup
14. No Spin Zone
15. Unsolved Mysteries ft. Vordul Mega
16. Emmanuel Goldstein ft. Bigg Jus
17. Nigger Pennies
18. 100 Ft. of Cold Dirt ft. Johnny Voltik
19. Guns And Pussy
20. Paid Programming

Reggie Miller by backwoodzstudioz

Reggie Miller (Clean) by backwoodzstudioz

Reggie Miller (Instrumental) by backwoodzstudioz

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