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Judging by the pace of pre-orders, a lot of you are already up on this 🙏 but regardless, the time has come for our first 2020 release:  ShrapKnel’s self-titled debut album, produced by ELUCID & Willie Green!

SHRAPKNEL COVERShrapKnel are Curly Castro and PremRock; a duo as dissimilar as they are made for each other. Castro’s militant wordplay, reggae-influences, and booming baritone are the perfect foil for PremRock’s understated delivery and biting wit. The two rappers are longtime friends and sometime collaborators as part of Philly indie-rap collective Wrecking Crew, but this project pairs them with Backwoodz own ELUCID and Willie Green. The result is an album brimming with quotables and an audacious, unorthodox production that will rattle your speakers. ShrapKnel also features guest appearances from Castle, Zilla Rocca, Googie, Henry Canyons, and billy woods.

Oh, and we got some new visuals for you too. Check out the video for “Fashion Week” here. It’s one of our favorite tracks on the record but this seems like a good time to let the artists speak for themselves:

“Not meant to be an indictment on fashion itself as we all know its place and importance in hip-hop lore has been solidified but there’s a distinction between Flav’s clock, GFK’s golden eagle or even West Side Gunn’s Balenciaga robe. Fashion Week is more about the bottomless bellini chasers and shallow nature of the name droppers. It could be applied to all of the music industry. Don’t get us wrong ShrapKnel is full of flavors and salt is not the one we prefer, we just call it how we see it.” – ShrapKnel

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