The covers are finally coming off The Unveiling, the debut LP from MarQ Spekt and Karniege; The Invizzibl Men. The result is a ferociously hard rap record bristling with gunmetal beats and lyrics still dripping spraypaint. The collaboration might be new but the duo has earned their stripes as solo artists; Karniege did a stint on the Definitive Jux roster, dropping the memorable “Make News” 12”, toured the world with Vast Aire several times over and kept his name ringing in the underground by popping up on projects by everyone from DJ Ese to Dub L to The Reavers. MarQ Spekt’s lineage is equally storied if a little grimier; signed to the legendary Subverse records alongside artists like MF DOOM and The Micronauts, prominently featured on all of Bigg Jus of Company Flow’s solo albums, the brain behind the streetwise Broady Champs ‘05 debut…Spekt has already cemented his place in the underground patheon without stepping out of the shadows, until now. Guests on The Unveiling include Vast Aire, Vordul Mega, C-Rayz, Billy Woods and the Broady Champs. The first single is Jimmy Swagger” b/w “T-Rex” featuring C-Rayz Walz, check out the video here. And while you are at it, download the free Invizibl Men mix The Hidden Hand and get familiar before The Unveiling.