Robert Moses/ God's Feet Video + CMWYO Vinyl Shipping

The vinyl is in for one of biggest releases this year featuring ELUCID, billy woods, The Koreatown Oddity, KeiyaA, Pink Siifu, SHIRT, Fat Tony, Fielded, Fatboi Sharif, and SKECH185. CMWYO is the Backwoodz debut for producer Steel Tipped Dove, but he has been an integral part of the NYC underground scene for more than a decade. Mixed and mastered by Willie Green and executive produced by billy woods, CMWYO not only speaks to Dove’s history in the scene but the vitality of his current work. Keep in mind that the vinyl and CD come with full album instrumentals. The vinyl artwork is masterfully handled by Myra Musgrove, while the CD booklet is designed by the enigmatic Harvey Cliff (CD version is currently now slated to be shipping in mid January 2022 due to delays).

Oh and check out the insightful review of CMWYO- as well as Haram and a bunch of other deserving projects- in the final dispatch from longtime cultural critic Elmattic. Their voice and insight will be sorely missed.

What better way to close out this year than a final piece from our personal AOTY. Courtesy of Joseph Mault, Armand Hammer and some very obliging wildlife.


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