Curly Castro - TOSH [DIGITAL]

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ARTIST: Curly Castro
NOTES: This is the Curly Castro TOSH Digital Download. Downloads will be available via in via the digital release starting on digital release date. Files will be delivered via download link available in the online invoice. Link will download a ZIP with AAC song files and JPG of the album cover.
AVAILABLE: DECEMBER 13, 2018 (1 day earlier direct from


  1. Emory Dug ft. Lauren Kelly Benson (prod. by ELUCID)
  2. Dark Skinned Drum (prod. by Floodwatch)
  3. Walking Razor (prod. by Messiah Musik)
  4. Moshulu ft. Zilla Rocca (prod. by the Expert)
  5. Sidney Po (prod. by Zilla Rocca)
  6. Ital-You-Can-Eat ft. billy woods (prod. by Blockhead)
  7. Grandma’s Fable (prod. Messiah Musik)
  8. The Good Reverend Doctor (prod. by Small Professor)
  9. Night Terra Fabulous (prod. by Uncommon NASA)
  10. Mortimo Planno (prod. by Dos4gw)
  11. Eulogy to Hottentot (prod. by Blueprint)
  12. Black Dahlia Smiled ft. Lauren Kelly Benson(prod. by Willie Green)
  13. Babel ft. Defcee, Collosoul Structure, & ELUCID (prod. by Zilla Rocca)
  14. Iron Head Cold ft. PremRock (prod. by Messiah Musik)
  15. Snowball & Napolean (prod. by Willie Green)
  16. Winston Wolf (prod. by Zilla Rocca)


For TOSH, Curly Castro enlisted an all-star lineup of beatsmiths to combine classic east coast rap with the woozy bottom end of dub music : Willie Green, Blueprint, Blockhead, Messiah Musick, Dos4gw, and Wrecking Crew co-pilots Zilla Rocca and Small Professor. Guest raps from PremRock, Defcee, ELUCID, billy woods and Zilla Rocca help reinforce the ideas of Peter Tosh, who once strummed a guitar fashioned after an assault rifle: music can be a weapon. From the African history seminar of "Dark Skinned Drum", to appreciating jerk chicken spots on "Ital You Can Eat" featuring billy woods, Castro also tells stories of subway robberies ("Night Terra Fabulous" produced by Uncommon NASA) and black exceptionalism ("Emory Doug" produced by ELUCID) with valor and slang.

TOSH is vibrant and unapologetic, intelligent and combustible. Speakers are annihilated. Civil rights leaders are immortalized. Razors are flashed. Lessons are heeded while weed is passed back and forth. Curly Castro is the indie rap rebel for protests and sound clashes.