Jeff Markey - Sports & Leisure [VINYL]

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  1. Island Time-Lapse
  2. 90's Dunks on VHS
  3. Tasted Ink (featuring PremRock)
  4. Mo Lava
  5. Pryor and Wilder (featuring Defcee and Fatboi Sharif)
  6. Sports & Leisure
  7. First Warm Day
  8. Floaters (featuring billy woods)
  9. Quick Realignment
  10. Tribute (featuring Shape)
  11. Clouds
  12. 2 Crowns
  13. Six Armed Scriptures (featuring Fatboi Sharif)
  14. Re-planters
  15. Bud Billiken (featuring Skech185)
  16. Head Fake
  17. Inner Groove (featuring Googie)


Primarily an instrumental album, Jeff Markey’s Sports & Leisure project also features artists billy woods, PremRock, Fatboi Sharif, Defcee, SKECH185, Googie and Shape. Now available on vinyl for the first time, Markey has added some very special bells and whistles:
  • Instrumentals for every rap song on the album
  • (Physically) unreleased Armand Hammer collaborations:
    • Armand Hammer “Native Sun” (Half Measures)
    • “Black Ark” instrumental (Race Music
    • “Halloween Fell on a Weekend” instrumental (WHT LBL)
    •  “Western Education is Forbidden” instrumental  (Terror Management)

Markey is a longtime Backwoodz  collaborator, but while his contributions have always been memorable, they have also been few and far between. The credits tell the tale: There he is producing the very first track - “Native Sun” - on Half Measures, the very first Armand Hammer mixtape (2013). That same year he did “Black Ark” on the duos debut LP, Race Music and then doesn’t pop again on anything Backwoodz related until 2019 when he co-produced billy woods first single for Terror Management, “Western Education is Forbidden” featuring Fielded. In 2022, Markey and Fielded made it 2-for-2 with the slinkily fun “Halloween Fell On A Weekend,” a track on Armand Hammer’s vinyl-exclusive WHT LBL

While he has put out a few other projects over the years and has an equally long history with Reservoir Sound, the arts collective founded by producer A.M. Breakups, Markey spent most of the past decade on the periphery of the NYC indie scene, as likely to drop heat as he was to disappear for years at a time. Sports & Leisure represents the beginnings of a new era for the Akron, Ohio-born producer who moved to New York City in 2004. The pandemic gave him the time and mental space to re-dedicate himself to music and this project figures to be the tip of the iceberg.

“I wanted to make beats that were rugged yet had really warm textures. Previously, I had been making such complicated and left-field sounding shit that I wanted to make something closer to normal rap beats,” Markey says. “I wanted to make shit that was special because good choices were made within an already existing framework rather than completely changing the framework”