ShrapKnel - Nobody Planning To Leave [VINYL]

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Features a single black or more limited white (+$10) vinyl packaged in a 12" jacket with design and layout by Controller 7, an 12x24 4-panel insert with art from Shane Ingersoll and photography by Matt Shaver. MP3 digital download is included with all vinyl orders!
SHIPS: Will start shipping by the end of June 2024.


Nobody Planning To Leave is the new album from Curly Castro and PremRock aka ShrapKnel, fully produced by Controller 7. Featuring Open Mike Eagle, Onry Ozzborn, Lungs, Breezly Brewin, D-Styles (of the legendary Beat Junkies), and ELUCID, title represents a duality. Both a boastful claim and also a resigned recognition. Sometimes you’re planting your flag and sometimes you’re acknowledging that it’s all ultimately out of your control. With the exception of a few cases, nobody plans to leave. Nobody plans to abandon their passion either. Usually the slow grind of necessity chooses that for you. What started as a few DMs between Castro and Controller 7 in 2021 slowly morphed into a fully fleshed opus. 

Close your eyes and imagine De La Soul is Dead if the Plugs were steeped in the murky tea of the early aughts independent scene. It’s a propulsive, cohesive listen, that finds the rappers forging new ground both sonically and stylistically. The first ShrapKnel LP was wind, a self-titled sheer force that awoke the masses to the New. The second album was fire, forged in a Metal Lung, seasoned by smoke and libation alike. This third offering is earth, rooted in our influences, from soil-turned-vines-turned blades that scale the highest of structures. 


  1. Metallo 
  2. Dadaism 3 featuring Open Mike Eagle
  3. Bogdan interlude
  4. LIVE Element
  5. Steel Pan Labyrinth featuring Onry Ozzborn + Lungs
  6. Human Form
  7. Nutkracker Blues featuring Breezly Brewin + D-Styles
  8. Deep Space 9 Millie Pulled a Pistol
  9. Kaishakunin
  10. 8-Finga Piano featuring D-Styles
  11. Uru Metal featuring E L U C I D
  12. Sadatay
  13. Illusions of P
  14. Worry Doll