A barstool prophecy has come true. After years of collaborative efforts with a who’s who of the indy rap vanguard and the striking pairing with Curly Castro as ShrapKnel, it appears PremRock is ready for his closeup.
The New York City-based, Pennsylvania native is widely lauded throughout the hip-hop underground for his strong presence on tour, ever-evolving catalog and tattered, oft-used passport. His style can be compared to a hybrid of Guru and Aesop Rock, coming with heavy injections of literary influence and a penchant for giving his song’s characters as much flaw as they have charm. Prem is at home finessing smooth breaks of all shapes with New York straight talk all the while ruminating on topics plaguing the human condition since well before his time. Striking the rare balance of tirelessly booked live performer and studio junkie, quicker to admit his role as star-crossed lover than he is to play the role of bombastic braggart but deftly navigating duality has always been his calling card.
A worthy link in the lineage of the next wave of notable indy rappers, Prem wears all the accolades with both pride and humility while gladly pointing you in the direction of this town’s best old-fashioned.