billy woods - History Will Absolve Me [10 YRS CD]

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ARTIST: billy woods
ALBUM: History Will Absolve Me [10 YRS REISSUE]
FORMAT: CD & MP3 album download.
NOTES: This is the billy woods History Will Absolve Me CD reissue includes 20page lyric booklet and a download to the digital version of the album.
SHIPS: Starts shipping April 29, 2022

The book and CD versions will only be available directly from Backwoodz.


    1. A Mis Enemigos [High tide] (produced by Marmaduke)
    2. Crocodile Tears (produced by Willie Green)
    3. The Man Who Would Be King (produced by Marmaduke)
    4. Ca$h 4 Gold (produced by Marmaduke)
    5. Body Of Work ft. Masai Bey & Roc Marciano (produced by Willie Green)
    6. The Foreigner (produced by A.M. Breakups)
    7. Bill Cosby (produced by Willie Green)
    8. Freedman's Bureau ft. Elucid (produced by Marmaduke)
    9. Blue Dream ft. L’Wren (produced by Man Mantis)
    10. DMCA (produced by Willie Green)
    11. Pompeii (produced by Willie Green)
    12. Duck Hunt (produced by A.M. Breakups)
    13. Nigerian Email (produced by Marmaduke)
    14. Pump Up the Volume ft. L’Wren (produced by Nasa)
    15. Frozen Sunlight ft. MarQ Spekt & Open Mike Eagle (produced by Willie Green)
    16. Sour Grapes ft. Elucid (produced by A.M. Breakups)
    17. Human Resources (produced by Willie Green & Dig Dug)
    18. The Wake (produced by Willie Green)

      Ten years! Truth be told, it means more to us than anyone else but it really feels special to be able to do this. No matter what happens, History will always be our touchstone. Not only did it single-handedly keep the lights on at this label, but it is the first connection between woods and ELUCID. It was recorded entirely in Willie Green’s kitchen, mixed and mastered by Green, oh and by-the-by, the album features some of the most iconic production of his career. This 10th anniversary pressing is already special but just to sweeten the pot we are making a deluxe version available. In true billy woods fashion, it comes with a book!