billy woods x Kenny Segal - MAPS DELUXE [Deluxe 2xLP Vinyl, 7x7 Booklet]

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DETAILS: We like to think of this as the Maps director’s cut; it’s not necessarily better than the theatrical version, but it is different, and it arguably more clearly articulates the artists’ vision for the project. There are two more songs, the song order is different, and Serengeti makes a guest appearance that substantively changes a third song, all the way down to it’s title. This a 2XLP in a gatefold jacket with an insert, and a 40 page lyric book all gorgeously illustrated by m. musgrove, including Backwoodz's first-ever vinyl etching on Side D. The deluxe version of Maps is exclusive to Backwoodz Studioz direct orders and will not be available anywhere else. Purchase from Backwoodz includes digital download delivered on street date.


  1. Kenwood Speakers
  2. Soft Landing
  3. Soundcheck featuring Quelle Chris
  4. Rapper Weed
  5. Blue Smoke 
  6. Free Internet
  7. Babylon by Bus featuring ShrapKnel
  8. Year Zero featuring Danny Brown
  9. Hangman
  10. Baby Steps featuring ELUCID & Benjamin Booker
  11. Bad Dreams Are More than Dreams featuring Serengeti
  12. The Layover
  13. FaceTime featuring Sam Herring
  14. Agriculture
  15. Houdini
  16. Dumbwaiter
  17. Waiting Around featuring Aesop Rock
  18. NYC Tapwater
  19. As The Crow Flies featuring ELUCID