Cavalier - Different Type Time [CASSETTE]

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Clear w/Clear Ferric Tape Cassette with 6 panel j-card packed in clear norelco case featuring photography by 35mmgold. Includes MP3 version of album emailed to purchaser on release date.

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Different Type Time's vibrations are somewhere all their own. It sounds like jazz, like a conversation overheard in roti shop, or a pool hall, or the foyer of your old building on a fall day, front door propped open with a brick. The blues is in there too, and the south—the American South, and the Global South, and South Brooklyn. It’s not that it sounds like the past, but you can hear everything that came before in the thick of the basslines and the yearning of the keys. Different Type Time also doesn’t sound like now, it sounds like RIGHT NOW; the bounce of the lyrics like the staccato of basketball in the park, carried on a spring breeze.

Although he doesn’t rap on DTT, Quelle Chris plays a pivotal role; producing eight songs and serving as associate producer/consigliere to Cav throughout the creative process.  “There is no time wasted in explaining things when I collaborate with Quelle. He understands the universe I am in and the realities I want to create. He’s in them. And I don’t think I can envision one without him,” Cavalier explains.

Messiah Muzik, Wino Willy, Ohbliv, Ahwlee, Child Actor, Fushou and several other producers round out the credits, all lending their talents to the album’s spaciously soulful sound. At the center of all these alchemies is Cavalier, nimbly dancing in and out of pockets like a sidewalk game of jumprope. Different Type Time is a masterclass in this thing we call hip-hop; daring and original, yet always standing deeply rooted in the culture.


  1. Different Type Time (prod. Quelle Chris & Cavalier)
  2. Custard Spoon (prod. Quelle Chris)
  3. Can’t Leave It Alone feat. Eric Jaye (prod. GLassC!ty)
  4. Come Proper (prod. Jacob Rochester)
  5. Touchtones (prod. Aummaah)
  6. Déjà vu / Tydro ‘97 (prod. Messiah Muzik / Quelle Chris)
  7. Doodoo Damien (prod. Quelle Chris)
  8. Baby I’m Home (prod. Wino Willy)
  9. Yeah Boiii (prod. Quelle Chris)
  10. All Things Considered (prod. Wino Willy)
  11. Pears (prod. Malik Abdul-Rahmaan)
  12. Told You (prod. Fushou)
  13. Badvice (prod. Low Key)
  14. Think About It feat. Billzegypt (prod. Obliv)
  15. Up From Here / 7th Ward Spyboy (prod. Ahwlee / Quelle Chris)
  16. Manigaults / I Miss Them (prod. ruffiankick)
  17. Lazaroos (prod. Vinny Cuzns)
  18. Bespoke feat. Dominic Minix (prod. Hann_11)
  19. 50 Bags feat. Lord Chilla (prod. Child Actor)
  20. Axiom / My Gawd (prod. GLassC!ty / Quelle Chris)
  21. Flourish (prod. Quelle Chris)