Duncecap - Go Climb A Tree (RELEASE)

Go Climb a Tree is Duncecap’s first full-length on Backwoodz, a collaboration with Brooklyn producer Hajino. They first crossed paths when Dunce was combing Soundcloud for a beat to match an idea that came to him in a dream. After that first track, the two artists just stayed in touch and kept making stuff. They started with a series of collaborations on Soundcloud called Duncecap's Diaries, then eventually decided to make an album together. 

“Any beat Hajino sends me I know I have to have my first listen with the intent of writing at that moment. For Go Climb a Tree I embraced that to go for an organic one producer/one mc type of vibe,” Duncecap says.  

Rooted by Hajino’s eclectic drum rhythms and textured soundscapes, Duncecap branches out as an artist as he tumbles through Hajino’s diverse sonic worlds, cavorting with collaborators like Akai Solo, Googie and Fielded. Go Climb a Tree blossoms in the harmony of it’s tender rapport between mischievous rapper and understated producer. 

“We are both strange dudes with a love for hip hop and value the same type of sound. We both try to step outside the box in our own ways and I think our individual quirks line up well for something authentic and straightforward, yet still a bit eccentric and off the beaten path,” Dunce explains.

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