Woods - Aethiopes & HWAM 10 YRS

Ten years! Truth be told, it means more to us than anyone else but it really feels special to be able to do this. No matter what happens, History will always be our touchstone. Not only did it single-handedly keep the lights on at this label, but it is the first connection between woods and ELUCID. It was recorded entirely in Willie Green’s kitchen, mixed and mastered by Green, oh and by-the-by, the album features some of the most iconic production of his career. This 10th anniversary pressing is already special but just to sweeten the pot we are making a deluxe version available. In true billy woods fashion, it comes with a book!

Aethiopes is billy woods first album since 2019’s double feature of Hiding Placesand Terror Management. The project is fully produced by Preservation (Dr Yen Lo, Yasiin Bey), who delivered a suite of tracks on Terror Management, including the riveting single “Blood Thinner.” The two collaborated again on Preservation’s 2020 LP Eastern Medicine, Western Illness, which features a memorable billy woods appearance on the song “Lemon Rinds,” as well as the B-side “Snow Globe.”

Aethiopes is Preservation’s first collaborative LP since he and Ka dropped Days with Dr Yen Lo in 2015. One of the most respected producers in the game, Preservation moves at his own pace and is very selective about what projects he takes on. It took more than a year for Aethiopes to come to fruition and the result is a boiling pot of word and sound, teetering on the edge of the stove. Ten years after History Will Absolve Me, woods wades back into the deep water with a project as ambitious and uncompromising as anything he has ever done.
  1. Asylum
  2. No Hard Feelings
  3. Wharves
  4. Sauvage (ft. Boldy James & Gabe Nandez)
  5. The Doldrums
  6. NYNEX (ft. ELUCID, Denmark Vessey & Quelle Chris)
  7. Christine  
  8. Heavy Water (ft. Mike Ladd, Breeze Brewin & El-P)
  9. Haarlem (ft. Fatboi Sharif)
  10. Versailles (ft. Despot)
  11. Protoevangelium (ft. Shinehead)
  12. Remorseless
  13. Smith + Cross

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